Ultramodern II

Book by Ryan Matney ($25.00)

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Ultramodern II - magic

The anthology series continues. Inside this volume of Ultramodern, you will find magic with cards, coins, bills, and mentalism. Every item has been selected for its practical and commercial potential. Expand your arsenal and become even more proficient with your magic!

Featuring new magic from Marty Kane, Pablo Amira, Jozsef Kovacs, Edward Oschmann, Al Bach, Chastain Criswell, Jonathan Friedman, Francis Menotti, Joseph Daniels, George McBride, Paul Gordon, and Liam Montier.

Over 100 pages with many photos to make learning easy.

Limited printing.

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Customer reviews for Ultramodern II

Brandon Lopez

Lots of great doable, practical stuff. I'm going to play around two of the pieces. I mostly got it because it has a piece by Edward Oschmann that I am interested in doing.