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Chastain Criswell Live Lecture DVD  - magic

Since the age of five, Chastain has loved the art of performing and specifically, performing magic. Chastain's mother introduced him to magic by letting him watch magic shows on TV (way past his bed time) and waking him up some nights to watch Doug Henning, Blackstone Jr., and David Copperfield specials. His mother became completely deaf at eight years old and watched magic for the visual entertainment. In those days, closed captioning wasn't an option, so reading lips or simply watching the visual art of magic was all she knew. That same love for magic was instilled in her son. Now, Chastain's main goal is to bring a visual and entertaining show to his audience. The magic you will learn from this lecture and the information you will gain comes from over twenty years of experience and a deep rooted love and appreciation for the art of magic.

Tag (performance only) - Chastain's very first marketed effect and one of the most unusual, impossible ways to locate a signed card in a shuffled deck.

Chop Cup - This routine has been tested in the streets of some of the toughest performance areas and has risen to the challenge.

Intertwine - Three unequal ropes are shown and then stretched into three equal lengths, before immediately being handed out for inspection.

Outside the Box - An amazing coin routine where four individual coins enter and leave a solid brass box. 

Vanish - Chastain's take on the classic Retention Coin Vanish.

Boom-A-Ropes - A boomerang illusion that leads to an impossible finale.

Pirate's Eye Patch - Two coins switch places multiple times but, in the end, they never left the table.

Compulsive Change - A variation to the Impulse Change, in which more of the card can be displayed and there's less chance of failure. This is very visual and a strong opener. Chastain also offers advice on routines that he has learned over the years, along with some tips and pointers for those wanting to learn the art of busking and street performing.

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