Completely Mental

DVD by Tom Wright and Arron Jones ($34.50)

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Completely Mental - magic

Tom Wright and Arron Jones present seven effects.

  • Super Mint - Every time, know which spectator is holding the 'odd' mint. A self working hands off miracle.
  • Serial - Accurately name the first four digits of the serial number on a spectator's bill that you've never seen.
  • Parallel - A matching ESP style effect that leaves your spectator thinking they read your mind.
  • OXO - Three reveals on one note, OXO is a modern routine for the classic Tic Tac Toe prediction.
  • Name Killer - A signed card transposition routine, visual, commercial and a little bit ambitious.
  • Hit the club Jack - A story deck like never before, a hilarious plot with even funnier gags
  • Stack - Know the location of a cross drawn on five face down coins.
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