Early Dobson (Volume 1)

DVD by Wayne Dobson ($24.99)

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Wayne Dobson is proud to present this rediscovered archive TV performance footage of some of his ?nest close up material, performed in his classic style in front of a live studio audience and on various TV show guest appearances. Now with the help of his Right (and Left) hand man Mike Sullivan, 8 powerful 'Real World' effects are explained in detail, covering the methods and routining, in order for you to add them to your magic repertoire.

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Official review from MAGIC Magazine

From the May 2015 MAGIC Magazine. Reviewed by Francis Menotti

Ever a symbol of strength and inspiration in magic and life, Wayne Dobson continues to better the magic community by sharing the subtle details that made classic tricks definitively his own during his various TV performances. The continuous wicked sense of humor and light take on life that Dobson has rounds this out as a solidly enjoyable and educational DVD of close-up magic. I anxiously await Volume 2.