Karl Hein Live Lecture DVD

DVD by Karl Hein ($9.95)

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Karl Hein possess uncanny ability with a deck of cards. He is truly a seasoned performer who has entertained audiences from all over the world with his charming persona and super cool hat. Karl goes into great detail explaining the Heinstein Shuffle. You also learn full routines, advice, and tips. If you are looking to add tried and tested material to your act, or just want some advice on how to polish your current act, then don't miss out on Karl Hein.

  • That Would Be A Freaking Miracle
  • A Talk about Palming
  • Hat Trick & Kicker Endings
  • Transformer Triumph
  • Heinstein Shuffle
  • False Overhand Shuffle Combo
  • Transformer Cut
  • Zarrow Shuffle & the Cover Pass
  • Pathways
  • Heiny 500 (Performance Only)
  • Karl's Fave Impromptu Card Trick
  • Give Me 5
  • A talk about the Cull
  • Out Of Your Mind
  • Grandmother's BLT

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