Liquid Killer

DVD by Morgan Strebler ($24.95)

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Morgan Strebler is back with the most creative and artistic metal-bending routine ever created. You must check out the video to experience this masterpiece: Liquid Killer.

Imagine not only bending a fork - how about miraculously twisting it into a virtually unrecognizable shape having an artistic look? Spectators' eyes pop out!

This is what the pro's have to say about Liquid Killer:

"...he bends cutlery better than I do." - Uri Geller
" literally does what it says on the tin -- kills." Peter Turner
"...he's taken the fork destruction concept further than ever before..." Dee Christopher
"...Morgan is back with his unique metal bending style, but this time on steroids!..." Luca Volpe
"...all I can say is Liquid Killer... is killer!" Fraser Parker

Get and learn Liquid Killer - and watch your audience scream!

TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds about TV rights. Annoying, we know :(


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