NAVY Effects Volume 1

DVD by Jaehoon Lim ($24.95)

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Jaehoon Lim is one of the creators that artists like Yo Ho Jin look to when they need new effects or solutions to their ideas. His style of card magic and his approach to color changes is unmatched and this DVD showcases some of the MOST original transformations of one card to another that we have ever seen.

After Jaehoon was discharged from the South Korean Navy, he spent two years practicing, trying and creating new card magic. His passion, he soon discovered was for VISUAL, MAGICAL and PERFORMABLE color changes. Two years in the making, his project is finally ready. Prepare to go back to the drawing board. These methods are unorthodox and wildly original, but we think that you will love them as much as we do. 

 The learning experience is excellent throughout. AT 90 minutes, we found it to be the perfect amount of detail for an intermediate card worker. However, there is an excellent section which puts newer learners right on tract. Jaehoon shows you each color change in detail from multiple angles, in slow motion video, and with transparent cards to make learning faster and easier. 

Navy Effects Volume 1 is split into three sections: 

Basic Skill
Thumb fan 
Double lift 
In-jog and Double cut 
Secret reverse 
Pinky count 
Fan flip over 
Riffle force 
Bottom palm 

Card Color Change
Rewind snap change 
Hit change 
J.H. shake change 
Wink Change 
Flick change 
Shadow change

Routines and Tricks 
Addition Winkey card 
J.H. Red Hot Mama 
Winner of the game 
Color changing deck 

Includes: NAVY EFFECTS Volume One - Gaff cards for the routines  

Running time: 90 min

Play video interview Jaehoon Lim creator interview
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