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Eugene Burger's Spirit Magic Volume 24 DVD
Eugene Burger's Spirit Magic Volume 24
DVD by Eugene Burger - $29.95

"The spirits are an age-old theme, a story from darkest history, and therefore a presentational anchor that can be used with many different magic tricks." - Eugene Burger Spirit Magic adds an element of mystery to any ghoulish gathering or macabre meeting. Audiences remember the demoniacally...

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Examining The Thumbtip DVD
Examining The Thumbtip
DVD by Alexander De Cova - $25.00

"I have persuaded Bavarian magician Alexander de Cova to finally release his work on the thumbtip. This is like nothing you have ever seen before. I promise his innovative handling of this tool will astound you."  -Martin Lewis  First Alex performs and explains three original routines,...

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Exchange Rate Inc DVD
Exchange Rate Inc
DVD by Cameron Francis - $30.00 NOW $15.00 (SAVE $15.00)

Cameron Francis' Exchange Rate gimmick allows you to make an eye popping change between a coin and a folded bill.You borrow a coin from your spectator. He signs one side, you sign the other. You then offer to blow their mind. and if you can't, you say, you'll give them the bill in your pocket (can...

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Expert Rope Magic Made Easy DVD
Expert Rope Magic Made Easy
DVD by Daryl - $79.95

Sold separately, or as a complete set Daryl, world renowned and World Champion magician, teaches you a veritable encyclopedia of rope magic! This three-volume set gives you a working knowledge of the basics of Expert Rope Magic. Daryl then teaches you some of the greatest "classics...

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Exploring Magical Presentations DVD
Exploring Magical Presentations
DVD by Eugene Burger - $34.95

An intimate opportunity to learn from one of magic's greatest teachers, this DVD will help you think about your performing style, and grow as a magical presenter. We all know plenty of tricks, but how can we turn them into memorable magic? In this DVD session, Eugene Burger explores that topic, and...

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Extended Stay DVD
Extended Stay
DVD by Shawn Farquhar - $25.00

Shawn Farquhar, FISM Grand Prix World Champion of Magic, performs and explains in detail an amazing series of magic effects using hotel room keys. Imagine an arsenal of magic in your wallet at a moments notice. These professionally created hotel room keys look real and yet have hidden secrets...

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Extreme Coin Magic DVD
Extreme Coin Magic
DVD by Joe Rindfleisch - $34.95

Coin magic beyond your wildest imaginings!Unfettered by coin magic's time - worn traditional plots, Joe Rindfleisch has invented some of the most creative magic with coins ever developed and on this digital extravaganza, you'll be able to see - and learn - it all! There's almost two and a half...

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Extreme Dice Stacking DVD
Extreme Dice Stacking
DVD by Gerry - $34.95

Some Of The Most Creative Dice Stacking Routines Ever Invented, Taught By A World-Champion StackerThis is your chance to watch world champion dice stacker Gerry's amazing and innovative work, then learn how to do it yourself. Gerry has won many major awards for his extremely creative routining and...

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Extreme Magic Seminar DVD
Extreme Magic Seminar
DVD by Nathan Kranzo - $35.00

On Kranzo's Extreme Magic Seminar you will learn over ten extreme effects! Aside from the killer effects you will also be subjected to Kranzo's hilarious performing style. To top it off you will learn several of Kranzo's signature comedy gags that will have your audience laughing and begging for...

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Extreme Rubber Band Magic Joe Rindfleisch DVD
Extreme Rubber Band Magic Joe Rindfleisch
DVD by Joe Rindfleisch - $35.00

Magic performed with rubber bands has grown in popularity with close-up magicians in recent years mostly because it encompasses all of the elements that make for effective close-up magic. The effects are easy to understand, highly visual, very magical and are done with everyday objects that...

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Extremely Ambitious DVD
Extremely Ambitious
DVD by Jay Sankey - $40.00

"I started performing 'Ambitious Card' over 25 years ago and since then I've created many fresh handlings and approaches. Every single one of them is included on this project. I've held back absolutely nothing."-Jay SankeyEXTREMELY AMBITIOUS is exactly that, an extremely ambitious collection of...

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EZ Add A Number DVD
EZ Add A Number
DVD by Nathan Kranzo - $29.99

The easiest Add A Number routine you will ever encounter. Sacrificing NONE of the entertainment value. FUNNY, ENTERTAINING and STRONG STAND UP MENTALISM!!! A watch is set to a random time by an audience member.Several people write down important years in their life.The numbers are totaled by an...

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F1 Wallet DVD
F1 Wallet
DVD by Jason Rea - $96.00

Alakazam Magic Are Proud To Presents Jason Rea F1 No Palm/Palm Card To Wallet The F1 Wallet Opens Up New Possibilities. Imagine getting a signed card in to a wallet That Has Been Held by Your Spectator. The Load Is So Fast & Totally Sleight Free You Will Fool Yourself!! Ask yourself this...

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Factory Line DVD
Factory Line
DVD by Sean Scott - $25.00

A close-up or strolling style effect which was inspired from the current state of affairs in the automobile industry. The performer picks up a note pad and pen lying on the table. He flips open the pad and begins to draw a picture of a car across the lined page. A short explanation of the...

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Fade DVD
DVD by Titanas - $30.00 NOW $15.00 (SAVE $15.00)

FADE is a topitless, lapless, propless way to vanish, secretly exchange or visually switch a coin. Titanas brings you a fundamental technique that EVERY magician that performs with coins or small objects needs to have in their magic armory. Forget about gimmicks and contraptions to do your work!...

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Falkenstein and Willard: Masters of Mental Magic Volume 1 DVD
Falkenstein and Willard: Masters of Mental Magic Volume 1
DVD by Falkenstein and Willard - $35.00

Performance OnlySo much more than an act, it's an entire show-but a show that can go anywhere, anytime, anyplace-a show that actively involves the audience throughout in the mystery and fun! Glenn's Blindfold Readings - Glenn's world-famous, 17-minute signature Q&A act. This is the act that...

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Falkenstein and Willard: Masters of Mental Magic Volume 2 DVD
Falkenstein and Willard: Masters of Mental Magic Volume 2
DVD by Falkenstein and Willard - $35.00

Falkenstein 17-minute Blindfold Mindreading Act-For the first time on any video, Glenn Falkenstein reveals his award-winning signature blindfold mindreading act that has kept him at the top of his profession for over two decades. Glenn takes you through a step-by-step demonstration of blindfolds,...

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Fans DVD
DVD by Richard Turner - $25.00

Richard Turner has been making his living as a performer for 33 years, performing more than 70,000 shows for lay audiences. In this 105 minute DVD, Richard reveals some of the fans, flourishes, and false shuffles that he has employed to bring "visual punch" to his remarkable routines. The visual...

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DVD by RIC magic shop - $30.00

This DVD contains a variety of fan magic techniques. In addition, Po-Cheng provides a sample routine to explain every detail that you will have to know. Every effect is broken down step by step for a delightful learning experience. From beginner to professional, this DVD contains material for...

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Fast 'N' Genious DVD DVD
Fast 'N' Genious DVD
DVD by So Magic Evenements - $20.00

32 Tricks with the funniest multi-effect decks of cards!  Includes instruction for both "Fast 'N' Genious Deck" and "Fake 'N' Genious Deck"Running Time Approximately: 52mins NOTE: Fast/Fake -N- Genious decks are not included.

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Fast and Loose DVD
Fast and Loose
DVD by Haydn and Anton - $35.00

The companion video to Whit Haydn's and Chef Anton's Notes on the Fast and Loose includes live performances by Chef and Whit and detailed explanations with shots from both the audience's and performer's point of view.

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Cheating at Cards - 3 Volume Set DVD
Cheating at Cards - 3 Volume Set
DVD by Fernando Keops - $35.00 NOW $17.50 (SAVE $17.50)

CHEATING AT CARDSThere have been video productions in the past where a sleight of hand performer has demonstrated the arcane skills of the card cheat. However, for the first time, one of the finest sleight of hand artists in the world not only demonstrates his consummate skill but explains-in...

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Fielding West Comedy Magic Show DVD
Fielding West Comedy Magic Show
DVD by Feilding West - $70.00

Fielding West is not only a magician's magician, but he possesses that very rare and impeccable sense of comedic timing that has landed him the opening spot for some of the biggest names in show business. A winner in the prestigious Desert Magic Seminar's Comedy Magic competition, Fielding has...

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Final Fusion DVD
Final Fusion
DVD by Jay Sankey - $10.00 NOW $5.00 (SAVE $5.00)

"This is one of my all-time favorite routines to finish almost any series of card effects! It's a total mindf*uck!" -Jay Sankey After "warming up" a selected card and the card case (with the wave of a lighter or a quick rub on the performer's sleeves) the card and the case are brought together for...

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Finger Fantasies Meir Yedid DVD
Finger Fantasies Meir Yedid
DVD by Meir Yedid - $24.95

Artist(s): Meir YedidProduced by: Meir Yedid MagicRunning Time(s): 30 mins.Special Features:Includes bonus archival footage from a lecture given by Meir Yedid in 1982 The act that won two Society Of American Magicians Close-Up Magic Competitions and their coveted Originality Award.This is the...

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