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If you prefer to see your magic as you learn, magic DVDs are the answer. High quality, in-depth magic lessons from, well, everyone! We know a lot of magicians enjoy learning magic from DVDs and we produce our own which consistently get incredible reviews.

If you still enjoy owning physical media knowing that you can watch and learn magic whenever you want without worrying about internet connections or servers going down, you’re in the right place.

Multiplying Balls - Tim Wright DVD
Multiplying Balls - Tim Wright
DVD by Tim Wright - $29.95

Tim Wright who performs as Skilldini is well known as a skilled manipulator and is the recipient of the prestigious Neil Foster/Bill Baird Award for Manipulation. On this video he teaches one of the classic routines of stage magic -- The Multiplying Balls. If you've ever wanted to perform a...

Multiplying Soap Bubbles DVD
Multiplying Soap Bubbles
DVD by Fantasma Magic and Magick Balay - $20.00

The magician blows some bubbles. As he touches one with his hand it becomes solid! More bubbles are then seen multiplying between his fingertips! In addition, you get the magic bubble bottle (soap bubbles not included), and everything you need to perform a professional multiplying bubble routine....

Music for Magic Shows DVD
Music for Magic Shows
DVD by Henry Evans - $18.00

Original music specially composed by Gustavo Baldrati, an Argentinean musician and a fan of magic, with the purpose of being used at magic shows. Every piece of music has been created with a different kind of magic in mind. Includes: Show's Openers and Closers Short pieces for certain moments...

My Ideas - Volume 2 DVD
My Ideas - Volume 2
DVD by Fantasio - $15.00

This is another winner! 73 minute with details and explanation of the tricks from Fantasio's new lecture untitled "My Magical Medicine Cabinet". It looks like "impromptu" magic with completely new ideas and with a totally new concept. Also as a Bonus Extra you will enjoy Fantasio and Monica...

My Ideas - Volume 3 DVD
My Ideas - Volume 3
DVD by Fantasio - $5.00

"Fantasio Master Magician and Creator. It is a rarity in magic when a master performer is also a master creator of magic. The names of those so noted are few and far between. The influence of the unique individual can be seen in the performances of hundreds of magicians across the world."- Phill...

Mystic Craig's Camera DVD
Mystic Craig's Camera
DVD by Various - $100.00

A Record of 20th Century Magic on Three DVDs! Over six hours of footage Three DVDs for optimum viewing quality Lectures and performances by Dai Vernon, Brother John Hamman, U. F. Grant, Jack Miller, Kalanag, Edward Victor, and Peter Warlock From the early 1950s to mid-1960s, Mystic Craig (William...

Needle Thru Arm Deluxe DVD
Needle Thru Arm Deluxe
DVD by Harry Anderson - $99.95

Harry Anderson's signature effect! Effect: You roll back your sleeve, and start talking about things like "pain thresholds," "surgical procedures," "incisions," "puncture wounds," and other grisly subjects. What might you be up to? Then, from the table, the spectators see a gleaming, 9-inch-long...

Neo Change DVD
Neo Change
DVD by Daryl Sato - $20.00

A NEW type of color change. Spectator choose 2 cards. With the deck sideways, top facing them, the other hand just simply a few inches from the deck passes and the card VISUALLY appears. Then another slow motion wave, the first card VISUALLY CHANGES to the second card.TOTALLY IMPROMPTU START CLEAN,...

New York Coin Seminar Volume 1: Coins Across DVD
New York Coin Seminar Volume 1: Coins Across
DVD by David Roth, Michael Rubinstein, Geoff Latta and Michael Gallo - $55.00

The New York Coin Magic Seminar guys, Roth, Latta, Gallo, Rubinstein, along with our special guest from COINS SEMINAR II Kainoa Harbottle, filmed the first of what we hope will be several DVD's on various aspects of Coin Magic. Our first offering is a special TWO VOLUME DVD, over FOUR HOURS LONG,...

New York Coin Seminar Volume 10: Still More DVD
New York Coin Seminar Volume 10: Still More
DVD by Various - $35.00

Still More, with almost two and a half hours in volume 10! David Roth shows that size does matter with Fugitive Coins. You will learn all about coin boxes and moves with Roth's in depth discussion on the Okito Box. Dr. Rubinstein updates a handling of an old effect with Magnetic Coins III. Ultra...

New York Coin Seminar Volume 12: Back To Workers DVD
New York Coin Seminar Volume 12: Back To Workers
DVD by Various - $35.00

Volume 12 (BACK TO WORKERS), contains two hours of even more incredible material for the hobbyist and pro alike! Dr. Michael Rubinstein offers Time For Change, a purse spellbound routine with a surprise climax. Fuzzy Math takes the gadabout coins idea to a new level. Silver Extraction is so...

New York Coin Seminar Volume 13: Workers United DVD
New York Coin Seminar Volume 13: Workers United
DVD by Various - $35.00

Volume 13 (WORKERS UNITED), offers yet ANOTHER TWO PLUS HOURS of 15 practical, hard hitting coin magic used by pros, but easy enough for the average close up magician. Dr. Michael Rubinstein starts off this volume with Copper Silver Brass, a five phase routine that uses no gaffs, and no extra...

New York Coin Seminar Volume 14: Methods DVD
New York Coin Seminar Volume 14: Methods
DVD by Various - $35.00

The New York Coin guys, David ROTH, Dr. Michael RUBINSTEIN, and Mike GALLO, are back with a vengeance, with their latest set of DVD's!! Volumes, 14, 15, and 16, subtitled Methods, Performances, and Presentations, each contain 2 hours of the same, hard hitting, cutting edge coin magic, that have...

New York Coin Seminar Volume 5: Productions DVD
New York Coin Seminar Volume 5: Productions
DVD by David Roth, Michael Rubinstein, Geoff Latta and Michael Gallo - $35.00

PRODUCTIONS AND VANISHES leads off with Dr. Michael Rubinstein's three coin production and vanish sequence, called Triple Play. Batting second is Bologna Debut, Rubinstein's wild four coin production that ends up with a coin at each corner of your close up pad. Two Card Reverse Matrix is an uber...

New York Coin Seminar Volume 7: Productions DVD
New York Coin Seminar Volume 7: Productions
DVD by David Roth, Michael Rubinstein, Geoff Latta and Michael Gallo - $35.00

PRODUCTIONS AND VANISHES begins with a a surprise - a routine with cards by David Roth, called Coin Cut. Mike Gallo teaches one of the routines he has been doing for over 30 years, The Pocket Counterfeiter. Circles is Gallo's take on Bob Fitch's routine. Dr. Michael Rubinstein offers his renditon...

New York Coin Seminar Volume 9: Much More DVD
New York Coin Seminar Volume 9: Much More
DVD by Various - $35.00

Much More, the title of volume 9! David Roth performs and explains his own, unpublished version of the Nest of Boxes, with the classic Roth touch, and for the first time on any DVD, performs his Deep Back Clip Coins Across that should give thrills for the guys looking for knuckle busting stuff. Dr....

Night and Day DVD
Night and Day
DVD by Alan Rorrison - $30.00

Two stunning glass penetration effects that look like trick photography! 'Dark as Night' is a coin through glass that would have looked at home in 'The Matrix'. A borrowed and signed coin is touched to the bottom of a drinking glass where, in a moment of pure visual clarity, it appears to melt...

Ninja + Volume 3 DVD
Ninja + Volume 3
DVD by Matthew Garrett - $35.00

Volume 3 Chapters: Intro Showcase Crash Linking Other Objects Multiple Rings Polo Mints Polo Crash Palm Link Polo Drop Link Polo Finish Reusing The Broken Polo Impromptu Polos Polo Drop Link Variation Competition Set-Up Polo Demo Switch In Moves Switch Out Move Reversing Switch In Bottle Link With...

No Camera Tricks DVD
No Camera Tricks
DVD by Richard Osterlind - $99.95

What magic and mentalism on television should look like! This incredible DVD set features Richard Osterlind as the star of three simulated television shows. Watch Richard dazzle the audience with real-time, mind-boggling mysteries and, as the title of the set implies, there are absolutely no camera...

Numismatic DVD
DVD by Tim David - $24.95

"The slickest, most magical version of the 'coin through glass table' plot available to date, hands down."- Shane, Effect Borrow a coin, have it marked, and drop it somewhere near the center of an unprepared glass table. Show both hands cleanly and clearly empty. Press on the...

DVD by Aaron Patterson - $11.65

From the creator of Icarus Effect comes this thought provoking, imagination capturing endeavor that will change the way your audience perceives you. Aaron Paterson has once again released one of his most closely guarded secrets to the magic world. Imagine this... A spectator's business card is...

Odd Quad DVD
Odd Quad
DVD by Daryl - $12.95

A triple climax routine with a Technicolor finish! Effect: Four aces are shown and one is selected by a spectator. The chosen ace is shown to be "odd" because it's the only RED backed card in the BLUE backed packet! A different ace is chosen and this second selection now becomes the new "odd" card...

Off the Cuff DVD
Off the Cuff
DVD by Greg Wilson - $35.00

Have you ever needed to make a big impression but left all your big impression stuff at home? Well, worry no more. Using ordinary objects that are readily available, you'll learn these simple, yet stunning effects.Something For Nothing: A trick with nothing... that's really something.Recap: An...

Okito Coin Box  One Dollar DVD
Okito Coin Box One Dollar
DVD by Marcelo Insua and Tango - $48.00

Perform the traditional Okito box miracles with the biggest coins. In addition to the finely crafted box you will also find the Tangopedia DVD and the quality of Tango Magic.EffectThe magician shows a coin and a box Okito. He puts the coin inside the box and the lid, He waves the box to try that...

Old School Kranzo DVD
Old School Kranzo
DVD by Nathan Kranzo - $35.00

Here it is! A FULL Kranzo lecture filmed from START to finish. This is all OLD SCHOOL Kranzo. In 2001 Nathan Kranzo lectured for a sold old lecture in Dallas, TX. This is the only proof. The original lost VHS was discovered and converted. IT IS NOW available on DVD for the first time in over A...