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LVMI 2003 Live DVD
LVMI 2003 Live
DVD by Multi-Artist - $49.95

In September 2003, some of the world's best magicians gathered in Las Vegas for three days of sun, fun, and magic. This DVD captures performances and highlights of 35 acts! Eleven great routines include explanations by FISM Champions Daryl and Joe Givan, along with Simon Lovell, Shoot Ogawa, Danny...

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Pocket Wallet Set DVD
Pocket Wallet Set
DVD by Dominique Duvivier - $170.00

New tool, new performance, this portfolio is designed for your credit cards, your cash, credit card vouchers, etc ... will allow you crazy routines that you do not even suspect the possibilities in your wildest dreams. It is supplied with a leather wallet looks in that you can use every day with or...

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Cutting Edge DVD
Cutting Edge
DVD by Richard James - $35.00

Visually slice a card DEEP into your arm! EffectA card is selected and signed across the face. Take the card and visibly slice it DEEP into your arm! The card is examined before and after you slice it through. Highly visual and easy to perform! Wait for the screams! Richard James is revealing his...

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BH Sandwich DVD
BH Sandwich
DVD by Nimble Mind - $24.95

This DVD is Korean Close-up magician ByeongHun Yu's sandwich magic.2 routines, 3 original double sandwich routines.Total of 5 powerful routines!!And you can also learn a new technique named "Sliding Door Change"To perform these powerful routines you only need your own hands and one normal...

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Telepath Cellular Conjury DVD
Telepath Cellular Conjury
DVD by Alpha Magic (Cynwell Tan Kam Fei) - $45.00

Harness technology with magic and you'll get conjuring that will earn you a reputation of a miracle-worker Never before has such a system being released to the magic community. Never before has so much detail been put into one package. You'll get a complete manuscript, a CD-ROM and a training DVD....

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Revelations Shirt DVD
Revelations Shirt
DVD by Jay Sankey - $40.00

The Revelations Shirt looks just like a very cool black t-shirt with a few hip, understated designs, but hidden in the graphics of the shirt are SEVEN incredible revelations including three different selected cards, the date on a borrowed coin, a classic mathematical force, and even two different...

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Greater Magic Volume 6 - Michael Ammar DVD
Greater Magic Volume 6 - Michael Ammar
DVD by Michael Ammar - $29.95

"Out of all my videos, this one combines my best variety of magic."- Michael AmmarThe art of close-up magic soars to new heights with this conjurer's repertoire. Recognized as one of the profession's most inventive and energetic performers, Michael has captured some of magic's highest honors,...

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Repeal DVD
DVD by Randi Raine - $15.00

The REPEAL is a "Flat cap in bottle" routine. A close-up effect where you take a bottle that you have been drinking from and magically place the cap inside. The cap is flat and can not fit out the neck of the bottle. You can hand the bottle out for examination immediately so they can view the...

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Subterfuge 2.0 Magic System DVD
Subterfuge 2.0 Magic System
DVD by Kenneth Sanders and Precept Magic - $75.00

SMS is a PK system that uses no pulls, strings, or fishing line. SMS can be performed in a T-Shirt or with no shirt at all. It has an instant reset that can be done right in front of the spectator. Make items vanish off of spectator's hands. Produce key items for your routine. Move items without...

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The Dungeon Video DVD
The Dungeon Video
DVD by Anthony Owen - $30.00

The acclaimed underground video of innovative close-up and stand-up magic re-released on DVD - with over 15 minutes of brand new bonus features! From 1993 until 1995 Anthony Owen edited and published The Dungeon, a limited edition quarterly publication containing contributions from the brightest...

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Convention at the Capital 1998- A-1, DVD DVD
Convention at the Capital 1998- A-1, DVD
DVD by A-1 MagicalMedia - $34.95

Performers and Effects:Gregory Wilson - Florida Keys~ A completely baffling impromptu effect wherein two borrowed keys ling and unlink from a key ring. VERY VISUAL!Kenton Knepper - EZ Torn & Restored Card~ Using only one card, this is perhaps the easiest and most deceptive Torn & Restored...

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Entity DVD
DVD by Jeremy Hanrahan - $11.70

From the underground mind of Jeremy Hanrahan comes a DVD packed with what real magic would look like. The effects taught on this DVD will have your spectators looking at you in a different light. Direct magic that will leave even the most hardened skeptic amazed. No sleight of hand needed. Entity -...

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The Magic Pub DVD
The Magic Pub
DVD by Terry Lunceford - $25.00

Welcome to Terry's Magic Pub. Spend an evening with host Rich Bloch and enjoy performances by Steve Bargatze, Whit Haydn, J.C. Wagner, The Great Tomsoni & Company and, of course, Terry Lunceford. Running Time Approximately: 58min

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Houdini Picture Show DVD
Houdini Picture Show
DVD by The Miracle Factory - $20.00

The Houdini Picture Show collects three of the famed escape artist's silent films, filled with action, mystery, romance, and stunts. Over 3-1/2 hours Includes: Terror Island (1920): Houdini stars as inventor Harry Harper, who travels to an exotic island in search of treasure. The Man from Beyond...

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Great Classics Revisited DVD
Great Classics Revisited
DVD by Billy - $28.75

Double Sandwich2 cards lost meet themselves supernaturally between 2 King. Collector (Dereck Dingle)How to lose 3 cards into the deck and how found them at the top between the Kings. Magician contre tricheur (Harry Lorayne)Palming of course Twisting the Aces (Dai Vernon) A miracle with the aces!...

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You Asked For It- Rare TV Magic Acts DVD
You Asked For It- Rare TV Magic Acts
DVD by Various - $100.00

The set is called You Asked For It: Rare TV Magic Acts and features the classic illusionists and extreme escape segments from the 1950s TV show You Asked For It. These videos contain 67 performances of greats like Blackstone, Dante, Frakson, Kuda Bux, and Tarbell. In addition to mentalism,...

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Desert Brainstorm Volume 3, DVD DVD
Desert Brainstorm Volume 3, DVD
DVD by Larry Becker - $34.95

Effects Performed and Explained: Larry Becker - Extra Sensory DeceptionChristopher Caldwell - Auto BrainstormGene Urban - Somewhere in TimeDocc Hilford - The Devil's DiceLee Earle - QuadravoqueKenton Knepper - Sock It AwayMark Strivings - Open & Shut

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Ice Coins DVD
Ice Coins
DVD by Christopher Congreave - $39.00

A groundbreaking new generation in coin Magic has been UNLEASHED! ICE Coins will give your audience a complete BRAIN FREEZE! This is NOT just another coin is a whole new ULTRA-VISUAL approach to this era of Magic. DVD contains eye popping, HIGH-IMPACT, visually stunning routines to set...

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Noted DVD
DVD by Richard James - $50.00

Visibly push two borrowed and signed notes right through each other. Effect Two notes are borrowed from a spectator, or two different spectators and both notes are signed. One note is taken and rolled up. The other, with the signature face up, remains in full view. Watch your spectators face as you...

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Lake Tahoe Bar Magic DVD
Lake Tahoe Bar Magic
DVD by Randy Wakeman - $48.00

In the golden days of the great "Big City Bar Magic" Randy Wakeman was in the thick of it all working alongside such legends as Heba Haba Al, Jim Ryan, and Frank Everhart. Now he brings the very best of the best to Lake Tahoe where you'll see him present showstoppers, miracles, and much, much more...

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