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DVD Language: Spanish An original idea Mago "J", filmed and produced by Studio exclusively for Undermagic. The magic sponge is a curious, different, highly entertaining, interactive and very direct magic. With large doses of SURPRISE. Spectators are amazed to see how simple sponge...

Technical Toolbox DVD
Technical Toolbox
DVD by Vanishing Inc. - $50.00 NOW $25.00 (SAVE $25.00)

Beginning in January of 2014, Stephen Hobbs - author of Modus Operandi: The Magic of Jack Carpenter, Gene Maze and the Art of Bottom Dealing, and The Essential Sol Stone - commenced a project that was called both crazy and impossible: an online web 'zine to be released every week for fifty-two...

Tearify Newspaper Mindreading DVD
Tearify Newspaper Mindreading
DVD by Nathan Kranzo - $25.00

The classic Newspaper Test stripped down to its bare essentials. Done with NO GAFFS, GIMMICKS or extras. No math, no thinking other than presentation. A page freely chosen from a newspaper is torn into dozens of pieces. ONE piece is selected. ONE WORD is thought of on EITHER SIDE of the piece of...

Tea Leaf Reading and More DVD
Tea Leaf Reading and More
DVD by Leaping Lizards Publishing (V) - $75.00

If you have already enjoyed learning from Leaping Lizard's Tarot, Palm Reading or Fidh Lan reading DVD sets, then you already know the type of unique and easy to learn instructional DVDs they create for those who have an interest in learning to do readings. In this new 2 DVD set Leaping Lizard is...

Tarot DVD
DVD by none - $20.00

Much more than a popular form of fortune telling, some say that a great and ancient wisdom is hidden in the mysterious images of the Tarot deck. In some circles, they are thought to be the sole surviving "book" from the great fire that burned the libraries of ancient Egypt. Are they really...

Tango Ultimate Coin  Quarter/Penny  with instructional DVD DVD
Tango Ultimate Coin Quarter/Penny with instructional DVD
DVD by Tango Magic - $59.00

T.U.C (Tango Ultimate Coin) is the result of many years of hard work and professional experience. This gaffed coin allows you to do hundreds of magic effects, it will soon become a classic that will be found in every magicians pocket.The set includes a gaffed coin and an instructional DVD.In this...

Tango Silver Line Expanded Shell Silver Half Dollar 1964 (pure silver w/DVD- DVD
Tango Silver Line Expanded Shell Silver Half Dollar 1964 (pure silver w/DVD-
DVD by Tango - $80.00

A coin passes through a note/bill borrowed from a member of the audience.In this package you will find a finely crafted gimmicked coin set produced by Tango Magic.Tango Magic produces the highest quality gimmicked coins in the world. Tango stands behind their products to guarantee your success. As...

Taming Training & Tricks DVD
Taming Training & Tricks
DVD by Dave Womach - $50.00

Chet Womach - Professional Parrot Trainer, and Dave Womach - Professional Magician, combine their two unique skills to bring you an entertaining way to tame and train your wild-out-of-control-screaming-biting parrot. Even if your bird is tame now, you can teach it amazing tricks within 15 minutes...

Talk Like a Dummy: ABC's of Ventriloquism DVD
Talk Like a Dummy: ABC's of Ventriloquism
DVD by Bob Rumba - $15.00

The art of Ventriloquism has never been easier to learn! On this DVD, professional ventriloquist Bob Rumba teaches you the ABCs of Ventriloquism. The DVD begins with the most basic concepts of ventriloquism - talking without moving your lips - and continues on to advanced technique and character...

Tales From The Planet Of Bloom - Volume 3 DVD
Tales From The Planet Of Bloom - Volume 3
DVD by Gaetan Bloom - $34.95

Gaetan Bloom creates unique magic that fools and entertains but he also constructs routines that are very direct and play very big. The routines are basically for close-up performances but are also very visual and can be used for cabaret or even stage shows. On this DVD you will learn magic with...

Tales From The Planet Of Bloom - Volume 2 DVD
Tales From The Planet Of Bloom - Volume 2
DVD by Gaetan Bloom - $34.95

Gaetan Bloom is known as one of the most creative magicians in the world. But his strength lies in his knack for inventing magic that not only fools laypeople but absolutely destroys magicians. If you enjoy being fooled and fooling others you must have this DVD. It is amazing how his simple methods...

Tales From The Planet Of Bloom - Volume 1 DVD
Tales From The Planet Of Bloom - Volume 1
DVD by Gaetan Bloom - $34.95

Gaetan Bloom is one of the most creative magicians in the world. His magic it truly ingenious both in effect and in method. Volume One of this three-part series includes incredible magic with wristwatches, boxes, food, and cards. One of the many strengths of Gaetan's magic is that it is very easy...

DVD by Chastain Criswell - $20.00

EffectHave any card freely selected, signed and returned into the deck. The magician then removes any card from the deck. A GENUINE hole is punched through the incorrect card. Next a tag is passed through the hole and tied so the card is fastened to the tag, NO FAKE TAGS etc. IMPOSSIBLE Magic!The...

Tac Tics DVD
Tac Tics
DVD by Jonathan Egginton - $24.99

Effect A tic tac box is shown empty all the way around. You take the coin and slam it on the tic tac box. You can see and hear the coin melting through the plastic and end up inside the container. Your hands are clean after the coin penetrates the box. Immediately give away the box with the coin...

Table Hopping Cups And Balls DVD
Table Hopping Cups And Balls
DVD by Carl Andrews - $29.95

Effect After working restaurants for over 20 years, Carl discovered that 3 cups are just one too many. A single cup isn't interesting enough, but two cups is just right. As you'll see, Carl Andrews' Table Hopping Cups and Balls is a 2-cup routine that travels light but is full of laughs and...

T.U.C. Secrets the DVD DVD
T.U.C. Secrets the DVD
DVD by Tango Magic - $24.00

A FISM prize in your hands... TUC Secrets... the DVD is finally here! Inventor/ Magician Marcelo Insua, (a.k.a Mr. Tango) won the winner of Invention Award at FISM 2012 In this ground breaking DVD Marcelo shares his secret techniques and routines for T.U.C. This DVD contains the best routines with...

Sword Flight DVD
Sword Flight
DVD by Sean Scott and Lance Richardson - $25.00

Imagine a sword coming alive! It floats high into the air where it Dives, Hovers, and Chops, as if it were being wielded by a ghost. It finally sails back to the performers hand with uncanny accuracy, but not before the performer moves his arms all around the sword and it dives completely through a...

Switchblade Aces DVD
Switchblade Aces
DVD by Nathan Kranzo - $20.00 NOW $10.00 (SAVE $10.00)

Effect: While blindfolded the performer shuffles the deck and may even have the pack cut several times by a spectator. With a quick and BLIND cut the performer cuts to an ACE! Not once, not twice but THREE times! For the final ace he apparently misses and cuts to the wrong card. A knife is produced...

Sweetly Done DVD
Sweetly Done
DVD by Shane Black - $12.95 NOW $6.47 (SAVE $6.48)

Sweetly Done is the coin to sugar packet effect on steroids, adding a visual element that looks like trick photography. Shane Black's new handling of this classic effect not only adds a visual element but it also adds a convincer that makes it clear that it's THEIR SIGNED coin inside the sugar...

Sweet and Sharp DVD
Sweet and Sharp
DVD by Wizard FX Productions - $130.00 NOW $65.00 (SAVE $65.00)

Sweet and Sharp brings Smash and Stab bang up to date. A fantastic routine with a killer twist your audience will never see coming. Sweet and Sharp leads the audience up the garden path then hits them right between the eyes. Choose to do the effect without the nail and finally you have a 'Smash and...

Sweet DVD
DVD by Jim Taylor - $25.00

DJ's effect SWEET is one where an initialed coin or borrowed ring vanishes and reappears inside of a sealed sweetener packet that has been in view the whole time. This effect leaves them speechless or in some cases causes the onlookers to develop Tourette's Syndrome right on the spot! As a bonus DJ...

Svengali (With deck DVD
Svengali (With deck
DVD by Oz Pearlman - $19.95

This deck of cards is brilliantly abnormal. It makes impossible tricks possible. It makes difficult tricks simple. The Svengali Deck allows beginners to instantly perform magic that would take years of practice with a regular deck. It allows experts to perform effects that simply can't be done with...

Superstition DVD
DVD by none - $25.00

A great new effect from the creative and slightly strange mind of Liam Montier! This is easier than a jigsaw with all the bits glued together! Imagine offering your spectator the chance to select themselves a 'lucky card', which they do - say it is the Five Of Diamonds. You comment that while that...

Super Triple Coin Eisenhower Dollar DVD
Super Triple Coin Eisenhower Dollar
DVD by Johnny Wong - $139.00

Super Triple Coin Eisenhower Dollar With DVD gives you more examples of amazing visual effects of coin magic! Being one of the best visual effect coin gimmicks, its various effects are suitable for any situations such as Party Magic, Stage Magic, and close-up.In this DVD more and more wonderful...

Super Triple Coin DVD
Super Triple Coin
DVD by Johnny Wong - $99.99

Johnny Wong has done it again with his specially manufactured gimmicked "half dollar" coins set!The "Super Triple Coin Set" is a devious set of three half dollar coins, magnetically made to allow the following routines: 3 Fly Routine. (No shells used) Appearance & Vanish of Three Coins Visually...