DVD by Ben Cardall
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DVD by Ben Cardall ($60.00)

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Sherlockian - magic

Ben Cardall is a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. House. From knowing the contents of your spectators pockets, to what they do for a living, to becoming a human lie detector, you are sure to find something here that you will enjoy.


3 truths and a lie:
Propless lie detection. Simple!

Speed Deduction:
A system that allows you to deduce whatever information you like from your spectator as well as a thought of card.

The psychometric system:
A system that will allow to know the contents of your spectators pockets.

A borrowed memorised deck routine where you give your spectator memory powers at the end.

Through the telling of a Sherlock story you demonstrate your uncanny powers of deduction.

Solve any murder mystery your spectator sets you.

Sensory Perception:
Use your senses alongside your spectators' to have one person feel another's thoughts

3 point problem:
Seemingly help your spectator immediately solve and feel better about any problem.

The Twitches Theory:
Read the face of your spectators to read their memories.

Becoming The Man:
Give any spectator the incredible powers of Sherlock instantly.

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Official review from MAGIC Magazine

From the May 2015 MAGIC Magazine. Reviewed by John Wilson

Overall, I would say that this set is a useful source for information. There were some routines that I immediately wanted to alter, but more importantly, there were ideas that I wanted to apply to other effects. Cardall’s blending of psychological techniques with magical methods is a useful approach for anyone who wants to make his or her material more believable.