Hardeen - Monarch of Manacles

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Book by William V. Rauscher ($34.95)

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Hardeen - Monarch of Manacles - magic

Houdini may have been the King of Handcuffs, but have you heard of the Monarch of Manacles

This is the incredible and inspirational story of Hardeen, Monarch of Manacles, one of history's great escape artists. In his global travels, he escaped from handcuffs and leg irons and the darkest jail cells. He risked his life escaping from a giant padlocked and water-filled milk can or freeing himself from an ironbound wooden crate as it sank to the bottom of murky rivers and swift oceans. 

You'll thoroughly enjoy these accounts of Hardeen's triumphs and tribulations! Purchase your copy today!

Hardcover, 150 + pages


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