Channel One Issue 13

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Magazine by Various and Tom Burgoon ($12.50)

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Channel One Issue 13 - magic

Magicians featured in this issue include: Paul Aberstat, Raymond Smullyan, Chris Keppel, Tom Burgoon, John Born, Kev Williams, Kip Pascal, Lee Asher, Paul Chosse, and Steve Reynolds.

Effects in this Issue:

  • PSIncerely Yours - Paul Aberstat
  • My Einsteinean Special - Raymond Smullyan
  • Kepp Daddy's Pip Smacked - Chris Keppel
  • Sharps and Flats - Tom Burgoon
  • The Lonely Coin - John Born
  • A Quickie - Kev Williams
  • Quality Control - Lee Asher and Kip Pascal
  • Chosse's Triple - Paul Chosse
  • Intrepid Travelers - Steve Reynolds

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