Audience Management

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Audience Management - magic

Whether you are a performing magician, clown, juggler, ventriloquist, or stand in front of an audience for any other reason; you can improve your act by reading this book.

In this book, Gay Ljungberg shares his performing experience with the reader and reveals a treasure of valuable secrets, about the psychology and the techniques he uses. He teaches you how to select assistants from the audience and how you turn them into instant actors to play with on stage. You will learn how to conquer your stage fright, how to connect with your audience and how to design a strategy for success. You will also discover the secrets of crowd control and stage presence.

I want the reader to become a better performer, by focusing on the audience and learning to connect and communicate. Gay Ljungberg

143 pages, softbound

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Phil Harris

A very in-depth breakdown on a topic which deserves much more attention - performance/presentation are the real secrets of magic, would love to see more like this.