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Arcanum is an insane card prediction where your spectators have the cleanest most fair selection possible.

The mentalist gives a prediction to the spectator before anything happens. The magician shows that every single card has a completely different word on it. The spectator can stop on any card and it will match with the prediction every single time.

Yes that's correct. The spectator will have a completely free choice.

Arcanum comes with 4 routines. The Messa Brothers included a bonus routine called Medieval Monte which is the same as the Three Card Monte but it does not use any sleight of hand whatsoever and you will win every single time. Or if you want to use it as a prediction, like you predict in which round you or the spectator is going to win, you can do that too.

Arcanum comes with a special deck that does all the work for you. This deck is completely self working.

Key points to remember:

  • No force 
  • Cards can be shuffled 
  • You can show every card before/after the effect 
  • No counting procedure in any form 
  • No rough and smooth 
  • No Svengali principle 
  • Instant reset 
  • No sleight of hand 
  • No memorization work 
  • No multiple out

This effect looks and feels like genuine mind reading. It's that clean. The amount of other effects I can think of applying this principle to makes this a complete steal. Simple, effective and well thought out.Peter Turner
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