Mentalism Symbol Pack

Accessory by Anton Andresen ($29.95)

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Mentalism Symbol Pack - magic

MSP is a new tool for the world of mentalism! Crafted to make it easy for you to perform a plethora of powerful mental effects. This special pack handles like a deck of cards and features custom artwork specifically created for mentalism.

  • Straight Forward mind reading.
  • drawing duplications.
  • impossible predictions.
  • Memorization routines, Readings and More.
  • KILLER applications for stand up and close up.
  • 26 symbol cards.
  • 26 additional cards and gaffs for even more effects.
  • Printed on a special synthetic polymer to last several times longer than a regular deck.
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Ken Robshaw

I love this MSP deck. For 'real' mind reading it is just brilliant. I removed one card to make a deck of 25, as this fits in well with other effects that I use Zener cards for.