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Mentallica: Heavy Mental Magic (Book)

19.99 usd

Book by Ben Harris ($19.99)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
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Mentallica: Heavy Mental Magic (Book) - magic
Mentallica: Heavy Mental Magic (Book) Mentallica: Heavy Mental Magic (Book)

Mentallica is a series of hard-hitting effects drawn from Harris’ one-man show: Hellucinations.

The majority of effects are NEW PRESENTATIONS and uses for existing props like: The Mother of All Book Tests, Looch’s Area Book Test, Glance, Promystic’s Multi-Dimensional (and MD Mini), Nitinol keys (like Elusionist’s, Shift), and even Chris Congreave’s amazing Zippo gimmick: Light.

Mentallica will give you entirely new presentational concepts making all of these effects appear NEW, FRESH and ORIGINAL. We explore Woodstock (yes, flashback to 1969), X-Ray Vision, enhancement of the bending effect, Three-Dimensional “Remote Viewing,” Drawing Duplication, Any Card At Any Number, even the “Cold Reading” of automobiles!

Harris tips the exact DRAWING DUPLICATION used on his infamous Uri Geller debate, televised via satellite in the late 1980’s. It uses NO GAFFS and looks exactly like the effect Uri has performed on talk-shows since the late 1970’s.

Ben also re-visits his most recent release, A Thought Well Stolen -- providing his ‘director’s cut’ -- leaving the impression that only ONE DECK has been in play. The refined handling enhances the ACAAN portion of the effect, ditching the flashy finale. It also leaves the spectator with a little gift. Routined for the serious mentalist.

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Photo-illustrated, 46 pages with cover.


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Customer reviews for Mentallica: Heavy Mental Magic (Book)

Official review from MAGIC Magazine

From the May 2016 MAGIC Magazine. Reviewed by John Wilson

On the whole, I liked most of the ideas presented here. I just found it a little unusual for the bulk of the routines to require the type of props that these do. The items are not the sort that interested parties could manufacture on their own. A couple are relatively common possessions among mentalists, and I suppose those will be the routines most likely to be of use to working performers. The touches on the drawing duplication are probably worth the minimal price of the book; just be aware that the bulk of the material requires some additional investment.