Ninja Tossed Out Deck

Trick by Patrick Redford ($35.00)

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If you want to tell people what cards they're thinking of under the most strict looking conditions... you need the Ninja Tossed-Out Deck System.

The Tossed-Out Deck System Involves:

  • No Breathers
  • No Short Cards
  • No Long Cards
  • No Marked Cards
  • No Deck Switches
  • No Alterations to the Cards of any kind
  • No Memory Work
  • No Fishing
  • No Stack Necessary
All 52 cards are present and accounted for.

Secretly set the whole system right in front of your audience with a borrowed deck of cards!

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donald camp

The Ninja toss out deck idea is good but the additional material is EXCELLENT!!!!! I finally found the false shuffle that looks like an honest casual mix. I'll ise this if I don't use anything else.