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If you could really affect someone's decisions, this is what it would look like! Opus by Nefesch takes decision influence to the next level in this impossible coincidence routine.

Four black backed cards are mixed face down by your spectator and they can also orient them any way they wish with the chance to either turn some cards 180 degrees or not. The spectator makes all of the decisions of where the cards are placed down on the table to form a square, yet when the cards are turned over, the four cards form a picture of the Mona Lisa where all four cards are in their correct position; an impossible coincidence.

Opus can also be used as a powerful prediction effect where the pieces do not form the correct picture. However, the positions randomly selected by your spectator are shown reproduced on a card that is in an envelope that has been on show the entire time and uses no outs - just one card is in the envelope!

Your purchase comes with full instructions on how to perform this incredible routine, plus the specially cards printed on high quality material that will last for years.

Please note: Multiple outs are used but there is nothing extra besides what you see in the video.

Available in the following options: Mona Lisa, Vitruvian Man

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