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Mindreading, mentalism, and telepathy occupy a serious space in the genre of magic. Even magicians need to have some mentalism principles and material in their work. We love mentalism that doesn't feel like procedure. Instead, it should feel natural, and like real mindreading. The other great benefit of mentalism is that it plays to a much bigger crowd.

Our first and main suggestion for mentalists is to closely study the work of Luke Jermay. His DVD sets, his Marksman Deck, and anything he has created are worthy of careful study.

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The Pantera Wallet V2 Trick
The Pantera Wallet V2
Trick by Alakazam Magic and Outlaw Effects - $75.00

The brand new Pantera V2 is the evolution of "Outlaw Effects" original Panther wallet. The Pantera V2 has been beautifully crafted by Tony Curtis (so you know the quality is going to be awesome). The Pantera V2 looks like a slick business card/credit card holder, but just like a James...

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iCube 2.0 Trick
iCube 2.0
Trick by Hugo Shelley - $300.00

A classic effect with a revolutionary twist, iCube (and its companion mobile app) opens up a world of possibilities for stage, close-up and street mentalism. Choose from three different ways to secretly discover your volunteer's chosen colour or face Vibration: When the...

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Seven Steel Horses - (BTL Force Book) Book
Seven Steel Horses - (BTL Force Book)
Book by Michael Murray - $34.95

After repeated requests Michael Murray is pleased to announce the release of the first "Between the Lines" book. This custom printed book contains 100 duplicate pages of the "Between the Lines" text. This will provide you with 100 authentic book pages which you can now give out as a...

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Between The Lines Trick
Between The Lines
Trick by Michael Murray - $26.26

It has long been said that the strongest effects are those which happen in the hands of the spectator, what if the effect could take place in the spectators mind? Between the Lines combines some revolutionary thinking with a classic mentalism effect to create one of the most powerful routines...

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DVD by Morgan Strebler - $39.95

Throughout human history, people have used various of methods to control pulses. What would you do if you had the ability to control not only your own pulse but also someone else's pulse. Morgan Strebler only releases material when he has tried and tested it and then repeated the process until...

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Heads I Win Tails You Lose Book
Heads I Win Tails You Lose
Book by Jheff - $34.95

Using only your voice and no special apparatus, you can control participants to make the choices you want them to.Magicians have always been aware of this powerful secret. Mentalists have always revered this technique and made it an essential part of their repertoire. But for many years, the keys...

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Epiphanies Book
Book by Colin McLeod - $74.95

For the last two years, Colin McLeod has been been working on real world performances, both for TV and stages around the world. What you'll learn in this book is the material he's been refining during that time. These are the real methods, concepts and ideas that he uses to stand out...

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Rock, Paper,Lies DVD
Rock, Paper,Lies
DVD by Jay Di Biase - $24.95

The mentalist turns around while two spectators are playing rock, paper, scissors (or even an imaginary game). There is no way of the mentalist determining who won and what symbols were played, and yet using their body language he can reveal everything!  Rock, Paper, Lies is a...

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Three Way Force Bag Trick
Three Way Force Bag
Trick by Eran Blizovsky - From $15.00

The clear force bag is one of the most underrated props in the magic world that has a multitude of uses for kid performer's right up to mentalists.  What makes this force bag different is that it doesn't look like a magic prop. It seems to be just a regular shopping bag....

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Future Puzzle Trick
Future Puzzle
Trick by Tenyo Magic - $25.15

After a spectator names any picture card from a deck of playing cards at random, the magician assembles a small jigsaw puzzle. The freely named playing card is inexplicably shown on the surface of the puzzle! This baffling prediction trick is extremely powerful and direct, yet you'll be performing...

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Senti-Mentalism DVD
DVD by Luca Volpe - $29.95

Mentalism is an intimate, engaging and direct experience. Luca's unique style will show you why it is important to move them emotionally. Contents: Unlock your dream A lady is able to find the only key amongst several that will open a lock, through the power of her...

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Meir Yedid's Wow Book Test 6 Book
Meir Yedid's Wow Book Test 6
Book by Meir Yedid - $75.00

Meir Yedid's Walk On Water Book Test was first released in 1987. Since that time it has sold-out multiple times and the older versions fetch good money on the used magic market. There are currently more than 8,000 sets in circulation and many top pros use it as part of their shows. ...

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HPad Trick
Trick by Henri Beaumont - $74.95

If you're looking for a practical, reliable and undetectable tool for secretly reading what your spectators have written... You're looking for the Hpad. Months of design and development have gone in to ensuring that the Hpad meets the needs and expectations of modern mentalists. The...

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Voodoo DVD
DVD by Liam Montier - $25.00

Bigblindmedia presents Liam Montier's VOODOO which was a complete sell out at the Blackpool Magic Convention in 2015. You draw a stickman onto a business card to represent a victim, which is left in the hands of a spectator. An innocent passer by is shown a collection of...

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Screen Test Trick
Screen Test
Trick by Steve Dimmer - $46.00

Screen Test by Steve Dimmer is incredibly deceptive with a surprisingly simple method. Your spectator is handed a bunch of classic movie poster postcards (Each movie is different). While your head is turned your spectator mixes and selects any one of the movies (totally free...

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Name Tag Trick
Name Tag
Trick by Agus Tjiu - $44.95

A prop which allows for interesting predictions and revelations. Ideal for corporate events. The gimmick is well made and looks modern ESP prediction Card Prediction Card transformation Card transposition Magician's imagination is the limit ...

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Jekyll & Hyde Test Trick
Jekyll & Hyde Test
Trick by Luke Jonas - $110.00

From the minds of Scott Olgard and Luke Jonas comes a new, ground breaking book test that is limited only by your own imagination. Welcome to The Jekyll & Hyde Test. The performer begins by introducing the book as his favourite book growing up and that he has set himself the challenge of...

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The Sign Trick
The Sign
Trick by Paul Prater - $24.95

It is a fact that the most interesting thing in the world is you. This is a truth for everyone. They are always the most important thing in their world. If you can focus a routine on your spectator, it is infinitely more personal. This routine allows you to do so with little more than...

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Outsider Trick
Trick by Paul Prater - $64.95

The performer passes out five envelopes. Each envelope contains one of the images. As spectators look at the picture, the performer starts to see through their eyes, seeing what they are seeing.  One spectator receives a small locket. Then, the performer goes deeper, able to feel the emotions...

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The Family Trick
The Family
Trick by Max Vellucci - $25.00

Five pictures of a nineteenth-century family that will allow you to create different effects of extraordinary and bizarre mentalism. Find the Dead The mentalist takes three photos and mentally chooses for the spectator. After a few steps the mentalist will be able to identify the...

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