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Mindreading, mentalism, and telepathy occupy a serious space in the genre of magic. Even magicians need to have some mentalism principles and material in their work. We love mentalism that doesn't feel like procedure. Instead, it should feel natural, and like real mindreading. The other great benefit of mentalism is that it plays to a much bigger crowd.

Our first and main suggestion for mentalists is to closely study the work of Luke Jermay. His DVD sets, his Marksman Deck, and anything he has created are worthy of careful study.

Vision Cube Color Spots Psycolor Cube Trick
Vision Cube Color Spots Psycolor Cube
Trick by Hand Crafted Miracles - $95.00

Classics of magic become so for a reason. The Color Vision Cube is one such classic because of its simplicity, allowing the magician to focus their full attention on delivering the best possible performance. The award-winning artists at Handcrafted Miracles have re-imagined this...

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Travel in Mind Trick
Travel in Mind
Trick by Luca Volpe and Paul McCaig - $39.95

From the minds of Steve Cook, Paul McCaig and Luca Volpe, Vanishing Inc are pleased to be able to offer you Travel in Mind, an effect that looks as close to mind reading as it gets, suitable for stage, cabaret, parlour, corporate and table workers. The effect is based around four...

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Guaranteed Jackpot Trick
Guaranteed Jackpot
Trick by Mark Elsdon - $44.95

Taking the lottery prediction premise to a whole new level, Mark Elsdon's Guaranteed Jackpot takes your spectator through a wonderful experience and then leaves them with a memorable souvenir at the end. Lottery prediction effects are always popular, but many are out of the reach of...

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Mentallica: Heavy Mental Magic (Book) Book
Mentallica: Heavy Mental Magic (Book)
Book by Ben Harris - $19.99

Mentallica is a series of hard-hitting effects drawn from Harris’ one-man show: Hellucinations. The majority of effects are NEW PRESENTATIONS and uses for existing props like: The Mother of All Book Tests, Looch’s Area Book Test, Glance, Promystic’s Multi-Dimensional (and MD Mini),...

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Paul Harris Presents Steam 2.0 Trick
Paul Harris Presents Steam 2.0
Trick by Paul Harris and Ali Nouira - $44.95

If you saw Etienne Pradier's wonderful performance on 'Penn & Teller: Fool US' you will know why Steam 2.0 is one of the greatest and most direct pieces of mind reading we have ever seen! We can suggest it enough. The steam principle was developed years ago by Marc Salem and it has now...

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Deceased  DVD
DVD by Jamie Daws - $26.15

The Deceased is a up-to-date 'Living and Dead' test from the creative mind of Jamie Daws. A story is told of a dinner held in 1908 attended by ten guests. At 8pm they sat down to dine. By 10pm, eight of the guests were dead - killed by the other two. As you recount the horrific...

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Screen Test Pocket Edition DVD
Screen Test Pocket Edition
DVD by Steve Dimmer - $29.00

Screen Test is a great effect which allows you to identify a film that a spectator is thinking of. You first try identify their movie from the their tone of voice as they read out a list of films but you are unsuccessful. You resort to having them just think of their film and somehow, you are able...

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Total Mentalism Book
Total Mentalism
Book by Luca Volpe - $80.00

In this book Luca Volpe will take you on a journey in his mind, presenting a full stage show that will fit in a small box and will play really big! It is a show that Luca Volpe has performed on cruise ships for many years that has been tested through hundreds of performances. He selected his...

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The Devil's Picturebook DVD
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Devil's Picturebook
DVD by Derren Brown - $50.00

We all recognize Derren Brown as one of the finest mentalists of our age. His critically acclaimed writings, television shows, and theatrical productions have made him a respected, household name all over the world. Everyone knows that. What fewer people know is that years before his...

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Cents Ability Trick
Cents Ability
Trick by Harvey Raft - $34.95

The creative magician will come up with many ideas and uses for marked decks. They can even be used for effects that don't require a marked deck, so it might be the only deck you will ever really need! The problems with marked decks are that they are very expensive, and/or are difficult...

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Dreamages Connection Trick
Dreamages Connection
Trick by Harvey Raft - $54.95

The performer reveals the NAME, ADDRESS and TELEPHONE NUMBER in the most unusual and amazing method ever! This is a book test that we see a lot of potential in! Dreamages Collection is simple to perform, direct and powerful! This is the only Book Test you will ever need to blow your...

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Clue and Other Mysteries Book
Clue and Other Mysteries
Book by Jack Yates - $19.95

Jack Yates is renowned as a creative innovator as evidenced by his many contributions to magical literature.  This hardbound book contains nine routines with a mental flavour, including Clue which is a highlight.

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Telepathy Personified Book
Telepathy Personified
Book by Nancy Spencer - $29.95

For years Ron and Nancy have fooled audiences worldwide with their Minds in Harmony act. Here, for the first time, they reveal all of their treasured secrets - secrets that will enable the reader to recreate this act in its entirety. In his foreword to this book Edwin Dawes says: ...

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Castle Dracula Mentalism Book
Castle Dracula Mentalism
Book by Charles Cameron - $29.95

At long last this amazing book by Charles Cameron is available. Here are the secrets of his stunning Castle Dracula Show. Charles Cameron is well known as the father of modern Bizarre magic. And for years, in a specially-built theatre at the Edinburgh Wax Museum, he and his group produced an...

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Sync Book
Book by Fraser Parker - $38.00

Fraser Parker recently went back to his notebooks to an older idea of his for guessing a name without the spectator ever having to say a word and after a few days of playing with scripting all of the pieces of the jigsaw finally fell into place. This might not be for everyone because it does not...

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Drawing Thoughts Book
Drawing Thoughts
Book by Christopher Rawlins - $59.95

Drawing Thoughts is Chris Rawlins' latest book. We have always been unbelievably impressed with how Chris thinks about mentalism and performs. If you have ever seen him perform, or purchased Roulette or Reveal or Leading Thoughts, you will know exactly what we mean. ...

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Tequila Hustler Book
Tequila Hustler
Book by Mark Elsdon, Colin McLeod and Peter Turner - $30.00

Still using electronics for coin in hand? Think again! Mark Elsdon's Tequila Hustler will change how you think about this effect. No electronics, no gimmicks, no prep. Any currency, any language, anywhere, any time. Perform in person, over the phone or even Skype....

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Ninja Tossed Out Deck Trick
Ninja Tossed Out Deck
Trick by Patrick Redford - $35.00

Sadly these are now sold out. We don't expect to receive more in stock. Very sorry. If you want to tell people what cards they're thinking of under the most strict looking conditions... you need the Ninja Tossed-Out Deck System. The Tossed-Out Deck System Involves: ...

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The Pantera Wallet V2 Trick
The Pantera Wallet V2
Trick by Alakazam Magic and Outlaw Effects - $75.00

The brand new Pantera V2 is the evolution of "Outlaw Effects" original Panther wallet. The Pantera V2 has been beautifully crafted by Tony Curtis (so you know the quality is going to be awesome). The Pantera V2 looks like a slick business card/credit card holder, but just like a James...

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It's all in the head Book
It's all in the head
Book by Stefan Olschewski - $24.95

Get ready to step inside of Stefan Olschewski's head. In this 56 page book (A4 format), you will find lots of content from his professional repertoire. Nothing is held back. Stefan even shares an exclusive idea that got him standing ovations when he did his lecture in Austria, something that...

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