Trick by Christopher Rawlins
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Trick by Christopher Rawlins ($45.00)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
Reveal - magic

At the last Blackpool convention we gave people a limited run, sneak-peek of "Reveal," Chris Rawlins’ FLAWLESS clipboard utility. It sold out. On the first day.

"Reveal" is a clipboard that is specially gaffed yet undetectable even when the spectator is holding it. ABSOLUTELY NO ELECTRONICS are used. You just ask someone to draw or write something on a piece of paper. You get it, all at once, without ANY strange movements. The drawing can be isolated in an envelope or bag, yet you still are privy to what was written.

The best compliment we can give “Reveal” is this: it’s real world stuff. It’s not a pipe dream. A leading mentalist created it for his show, other leading mentalists around the globe are using it, and it can be done UNDER FIRE. It is impossible for it to break or wear-out. It’s something you will use in your show…forever. You get the gimmicked clipboard, marker, envelope, DVD and attractive storage box.

But don’t take our word for it. Here is what others are saying:

Reveal is my kind of thing! Bold, clever, low tech and 100% reliable! This goes straight in my professional repertoire!
Luca Volpe
The greatest clipboard peek...PERIOD! A thing of true beauty!
Peter Turner
A cunning device which is clean, simple and perfectly designed to create a method which flies under the audiences radar
Chris Cox
Chris has created a rock solid method that is quick, easy and 100% reliable. This is a powerful weapon to add to your arsenal
Marc Paul
What a nice way to get a peek and deceptive as well.
Real world performers are going to recognise immediately the potential of this device. The beauty is, you're going to see exactly what they wrote, so there is no fear of a bad impression.
Colin McLeod

Exclusive: purchase Reveal and we'll immediately give you access to a download of Chris' talk on Reveal from The Session 2013.

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Customer reviews for Reveal

Phil Harris

This arrived and I'm loving it. So, so smart. You know, the mistake people make with clipboards is that they get so "clever" that the methods don't work. This CANNOT fail. Easy to do, easy to use, and you get a great, clean glimpse. The best on the market.


Will Dryer

This just came in. So, so smart. It isn't what you would expect, and I love how surefire it is. I am putting together a mentalism show and this will be used to capture a thought of drawing.


Steph Beach

I've owned Reveal for about 3 weeks now and it is SUPER. What a nice way to get to an image. The DVD is extremely (sometimes *yawningly so) detailed.
This is an illusion that anyone should own.


Larry Brodahl

Delightful idea. SHOULD be a full size clipboard. And MY envelope was folded along on side, which renders it unusable.


Geoff Aitken

Fantastic effect and utility. I have just come back to magic after a long period away and I used this effect in my first public performance. It worked great. I replaced my envelope, for a few dollars, with a bigger version from a stationary warehouse.


Jim Armstrong

I bought this at a live event recently and man this is so simple and so smart! I really love it!