Self Bending Paperclip

Trick by Menny Lindenfeld ($45.00)

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Menny Lindenfeld founded the METALISM project in 1999. Over the past decade, he has been creating a huge collection of hardcore metal bending miracles.

Menny Lindenfeld, teaches two methods (gimmicked and impromptu versions) to perform a powerful and highly visual metal bending effect with an easy-to-find object, a paperclip! Learn to fully control bend timing, pace and shape, while causing the paperclip to impossibly bend by itself.

  • Original concept
  • Highly visual effect
  • Only 30 seconds to prepare
  • Easy to master and perform
  • Fully controlled bend timing, pace and shape
  • No freezing or heating
  • Compatible with all common paperclip sizes

DVD amd gimmick included

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