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We're very excited to be able to offer The Informer - one of the top impression devices available, and now in large, perfect for 3x5 memo pad.

The Informer has been hailed as the future of impression devices. 12 times more sensitive than any others on the market, this extremely versatile gimmick produces nice, clear images from 7-10 cards down in a deck, or 20 pages down in a memo pad! If you're looking for the best impression device with high definition and sensitivity, which produces super-clear quality images with unbelievable versatility, look no further than The Informer. There is currently no impression device on the market that can match the quality and sensitivity of this extremely versatile device.

The creator, Lloyd Mobley, personally contacted working professional magicians and mentalists to inform them what his device was capable of doing. Every one of them responded, "That's impossible." That's when Lloyd decided to release The Informer!

Key features include:

  • High resolution / high definition images
  • Latest cutting-edge technology
  • Extremely versatile
  • Use in any memo pad or deck of cards
  • Quality of images do not diminish over time
  • 12 times more sensitive than any others on the market
  • Place 7-10 cards down in a deck and produce very clear images
  • Place 20-25 pages down in a memo pad and also produce very clear images

Once you have The Informer, you'll never need another impression device - ever!

Your purchase comes complete with The Informer device, marker pen with gimmick, extra gimmick for pen, online access to the instructional video as well as access to additional pens, gimmicks and devices.

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