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Triangle - magic


Triangle is the first in a new series of booklets. It is a booklet dedicated to "passing on the power." 

Not only will you be able to memorize a deck of cards in thirty seconds, be able to divine the amount of change shaken to your ear, and identify information on dollar bills that you've never touched... you can pass these powers onto your audience members. 

Each effect has been detailed in comic book format. You actually see the effect performed on the page. In addition the entire booklet has been printed in FULL COLOR. 


Divine Number - A very "hands off" Serial Number Divination (works best with US bills, but can use any bill).

A Sound Change - Identify how much change is simply shaken to your ear.

Rain King - Memorize a deck of cards in 30 seconds.

All three routines are impromptu!

Pages 32 - Saddle Stitched

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