Con Denominación / With Guarantee of Origin

DVD by Juan Luis Rubiales ($39.95)

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Juan Luis Rubiales' new DVD Con Denominación (A Spanish expression that translates to "With Guarantee of Origin") contains ten of the most amazing coin routines from Juan Luis' repertoire.

"He is very creative, he has an authentic and unique style. Like his Magic, authentic and genuine, a real marvel. Thank you Juanlu for what you are doing." Juan Tamariz
"Finally, Juan Luis Rubiales has shared his Magic Secrets. It is a good day for every fan of coin magic." Luis Piedrahita
"His Magic is absolutely brilliant." William Kalush
"I'm very excited with Juanlu Rubiales and his new DVD. He is a great magician." Eric Mead

Contents of Con Denominación

  • Immediate Assembly
  • From Hand to Hand
  • Progressive Assembly
  • Visual Transposition
  • Multiple Transposition
  • Silver, Copper, Chinese
  • Verbimagia Transposition I
  • Verbimagia Transposition II
  • From Copper to Silver in Case
  • And this was the Illusion
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