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Ponta the Smith, a rising sensation in close-up magic from Osaka, Japan, is here to raise the bar in the world of coin handling. He makes coins smoothly disappear, reappear and change right in front of spectators' noses. His efficient, elegant moves make metal look like vapor. 

Along with the coin magic of Rune Klan, we think that Ponta the Smith's coin magic is some of the strongest that we've ever seen. Just like Rune burst onto the scene fifteen years ago with an amazing coin magic video, Ponta the Smith has done the same today.

While Ponta doesn't provide any new plots, he certainly provides some unique and interesting handlings. Here are the plots and moves that he tackles in an amazing way:

  • Spellbound
  • Tenkai Pennies
  • Vanish
  • Matrix
  • Quick Matrix
  • Backfire Matrix
  • Backfire Assembly
  • One Coin Routine
  • Three Coins Across
  • Three Fly
  • Winged Silver

All of the routines are impromptu and do not require gaffs. Ponta the Smith's coin magic is not easy; but it is incredible! We just wish the DVD didn't have such a stupid name.

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