The Opongo Box

DVD by Juan Luis Rubiales
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The Opongo Box

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DVD by Juan Luis Rubiales ($70.00)

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The Opongo Box - magic

Juan Luis Rubiales has created the ultimate coin box. It's an Okito, Boston and Slot Box all in one. It's an ingenious combination that enables you to create routines that baffle even the experts. 

Rubiales performs and explains five different effects including Come and Go, an instantaneous appearance and disappearance of a coin from the box. What Came First, a routine in which 3 coins appear in the box one at a time. And Escapologist where 4 coins penetrate through a glass tumbler and appear in the covered box.

Routines included:

  • Escapologist
  • One by One
  • Egg and Yolks
  • What came first?

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Customer reviews for The Opongo Box

Official review from MAGIC Magazine

From the November 2016 MAGIC Magazine. Reviewed by Jared Kopf

Coin magicians and those who are fond of magic apparatus will love this, but I’m not sure I will ever use this precision-machined brass pillbox that just happens to perfectly hold four half dollars — well, technically five, plus a couple of hidden gimmicks. I did, however, enjoy watching Rubiales expertly perform his manipulations and enthusiastically teach the methods of his routines. And I appreciated the two dollars in half dollars that comes with the package.