Time Is Money

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DVD by Asi Wind ($35.00)

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Time Is Money - magic
The best thing I saw at MAGIC Live!" Paul Harris
You totally, TOTALLY, fooled me!!! Chris Kenner
The best money routine I have seen. Jeff Hobson

On this much requested and anticipated new DVD, Asi explains, in great detail, his original routine that will enable you to make a spectator's bill vanish from your fingertips and reappear underneath his own wrist watch! Featuring handling details kept under wraps until now. As well as bonus routines, "Morph", "2 Bad" (Angelo Carbone), "Crumpled" (Harel), "Bill To Change", and the stage handling for "Time Is Money".

Running Time Approximately 44min

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Customer reviews for Time Is Money

moses chavarria

Asi wind is such an amazing magician.all of his tricks are just amazing.this one gets the best reactions with any kind of audience whether it's street,walk around, parlor, and stage.I highly recommend this.