Bicycle Cocktail Party Cards

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Trick by US Playing Card Company ($7.50)

Possibly discontinued.
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Bicycle Cocktail Party Cards - magic

What could be more fun than an evening playing cards and hosting the perfect cocktail party?

Each of the face cards feature a time-honored drink recipe to help you create that perfect drink from the golden age of the cocktail party.

Grab your little black dress, martini shaker and deck of cards.


Customer reviews for Bicycle Cocktail Party Cards

Richard Pot

Good for with cocktails

This deck turned out decent, although be aware of a few things: 1. The card backs are borderless and have a fairly obvious one-way design. 2. Every single card - including the number cards - has a different cocktail recipe on it. So all the cards have the same format, and you'll need to rely on the indices to identify them. It's not the most ideal for playing, although the handling is great, but more of an interesting collectors or novel item.