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Bicycle Disruption Deck

9.95 usd

Deck of cards by Collectable Playing Cards ($9.95)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
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Bicycle Disruption Deck - magic

This messy mumble jumble will keep your eyes busy as you scan through the detailed colored design. Disruption truly is a one of a kind deck. Kings, Queens, and Jacks shaking out of their shoes. You may feel a little jittery just by looking at them. The pips compliment the buzz surrounding these royals. Jokers are meant to be goofy, but these boys take the cake. Designed by Johnny Wham and produced by Collectable Playing Cards, this deck is clean and easy to use for play or for a collection.

Printed by USPCC on their classic Air-Cushion Finish.


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Customer reviews for Bicycle Disruption Deck

BGG Reviewer

The Disruption deck that immediately takes us off-guard and away from the familiar due to its unusual design, which is a deliberate distortion of all that we've taken for granted in the world of playing cards, much like looking in a fun hall of mirrors.

The tuck box immediately gives us an impression that all is not right, because we have an intentionally blurry image of an oversized Spade pip, which looks as if its inked on wet glass, with paint running in different directions.

Courtesy of designer Johnny Wham, the card backs greet us with a sense of playfulness and colour, with vibrant curved geometric shapes merged together to create a colourful whole that is pleasant to look at.

But our sense of order is quickly thrown out of the window once we examine the signature Ace of Spades, which looks like it is struggling to emerge out of some waterlogged paint, and is twisting itself inside out. The court cards are similarly shaking in their boots, with faces and figures distorted at unusual angles, with dashes of watercolour emerging from their edges.

Even the indices cannot escape the distortion treatment. The pips on the number cards have also suffered the effects of a minor artistic earthquake, and repose on the cards in a variety of shapes, sizes, and angles, in what can only be described as a "beautiful mess".

As for the Jokers, these guys have always been the fun-loving characters in the bunch, but in the case of the Distortion deck, they have really become the life of a most unusual party! A double backer and a empty King of Spades bring our dynamic friends to a team of 54.

Despite all the jumbled mess that makes up this deck, there seems to be some order to all the chaos. Not least, the quality of the cards themselves is more than satisfactory, because USPCC has come to the party with their usual quality air cushion finish, to make sure that nobody is disappointed with the handling or durability.

This is a marvellously entertaining deck that despite all the mumbo jumbo, remains functional and usable, and is a delight to the eyes and the heart. - BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame