Bicycle Little Atlantis Night Playing Cards

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Deck of cards by Gamblers Warehouse ($10.95)

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Bicycle Little Atlantis Night Playing Cards - magic

Little Atlantis is a theme based story of a little kingdom under the sea. The kingdom is ruled by four families to keep their little world balanced. Each family represents its own Qualities and Specialties.

- The Spade family represents Wisdom
- The Club family represents Power
- The Hearts family represents Love
- The Diamonds family represents Justice

Together they make their little world peaceful and prosperous.

Gamblers Warehouse and Devina of Yellow Dice have collaboratively worked together on this project to bring forward these fun loving and bright colored decks.

Bicycle Little Atlantis Night Playing Cards Deck:

  • Set of 54 playing cards
  • Customized courts and jokers
  • Custom pips
  • Interior print design
  • Custom seal
  • Embossed finish on cards (black core stock)
  • Printed by Liberty Playing Cards (Taiwan)
  • Limited to 2500 decks

Limited to: 2500
Custom faces: Yes
Includes a blank facer: No
Includes a double-backer: No
Includes matching jokers: No
Printed by: Liberty Playing Card Company
Card finish: Embossed finish

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Customer reviews for Bicycle Little Atlantis Night Playing Cards

BGG Reviewer

SUMMARY: Companion to the Little Atlantis Day deck

Let's head under the sea, and check out some of the creatures that can be found there, in the Little Atlantis deck. This deck has its setting a peaceful and prosperous kingdom under the sea, which is ruled by four families. Each family has its own qualities, with Spades representing Wisdom and Clubs representing Power. Hearts represents Love, and Diamonds represents Justice. The number cards have schools of fish corresponding to the number of pips.

You even get a choice: do you want to visit by Day or by Night? The Night deck is populated by the same creatures as the Day deck, but with a different colour scheme that reflects a nocturnal setting. While the artwork is unchanged, the black background and different colours result in a whole different look, so make sure you get the one that you like best - or both.

This deck was designed by Devina of Yellow Dice Studio, and produced by Gamblers Warehouse. A very charming deck of playing cards, especially for families and children.

- BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame