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Bicycle No. 17 Playing Cards (Unbranded)

16.50 usd

Trick by Stockholm 17 ($16.50)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
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Bicycle No. 17 Playing Cards (Unbranded) - magic

No.17 Playing Cards are a custom designed deck of playing cards (poker size), printed by United States Playing Card Company (USPCC), Bicycle® branded.

There is no specific theme in this deck, it's quite eclectic. The diamonds have clearly an Egyptian resemblance, but overall they belong to a parallel world. There is a thing that connects all the court cards: the text circling the background is a part of the Aeneid, a Latin epic poem written by Virgil between 29 and 19 BC, that tells the legendary story of Aeneas, a Trojan who traveled to Italy, where he became the ancestor of the Romans.

  • Pokers size
  • Printed on Bicycle paper
  • 12 illustrated courts
  • 4 decorated giant aces
  • Custom pips
  • 2 jester for jokers
  • 2 gaff cards
  • Custom designed tuck-case
  • Custom seal
The unbranded version has a back in beige/white with red accents.

All the court cards are illustrated, the aces are giant and decorated. The pips have a custom design and placement.

The Bicycle® branded box has the jester printed on the front. The unbranded version has the No.17 with the red feline (red foiling and debossing, no ink).


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Customer reviews for Bicycle No. 17 Playing Cards (Unbranded)

BGG Reviewer

SUMMARY: Powerful and stylish playing cards from designer Stockholm17

"Stockholm17" is the online handle and home of Lorenzo Gaggiotti, creator of several popular decks of playing cards. With Italian roots, and a passion for drawing that began in childhood, Lorenzo now lives in Stockholm, Sweden, where today he is a product designer and illustrator. But it was his discovery of custom decks of playing cards that proved to be the ideal platform for him to explore his love for creative design. Typically he gets inspired by a theme or idea, and does a lot of thinking and sketching with this in mind before starting a digital version of the final design. So far he's produced several decks in a number of variations: Requiem, Heretic, No.17, No.17 Le Chat Rouge, Ravn, and most recently, Gemini.

The No. 17 deck of playing cards has had three versions, as Lorenzo has continued to improved and refined it over time. The first edition of the series of No 17 decks was made as a secret and promotional deck for, and printed by MakePlayingCards in 2014. It was a limited edition with a small print run of just 530 copies.

In 2015, Lorenzo produced Version 2, which is the one here. This is aan improved edition of the original No. 17 deck, with funding via Kickstarter and printing by US Playing Cards Company. A notable feature of this deck is the intricate artwork on the card backs and on cards like the Aces. The court cards also are beautifully detailed and stylish. Two versions were produced, a Bicycle version and an unbranded version.

In 2016, Lorenzo produced the third incarnation of his No. 17 series, which he entitled Le Chat Rouge, and has quite a different look, with an elaborate black and red foil tuck box, and cards with black inner borders on all the faces.

I have been blown away by Lorenzo's creativity and the thought he puts into his designs. His decks of playing cards are powerful, perfected and polished, with a great deal of style that is very much his own, and this deck is no exception. Bravo Lorenzo Gaggiotti, and grazie!

- EndersGame @ BoardGameGeek