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Bicycle Starlight Shooting Star Playing Cards

9.95 usd

Deck of cards by Collectable Playing Cards ($9.95)

Possibly discontinued.
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Bicycle Starlight Shooting Star Playing Cards - magic

Make a wish! Collectable Playing Cards introduces the 3rd edition in the sought after Starlight Collection. Starlight Shooting Star sparkles with its vibrant pinks and purples. If you have the original Starlight deck and Starlight Black Hole then make sure you don't miss out on Shooting Star.

  • Printed by USPCC
  • Bicycle branded
  • 100% hand drawn artwork and custom pips
  • Custom seal
  • Air-cushion finish
The back card displays a burst of stars surrounded by a swirl of twilight. A beautiful fan with a black hole center.

The court cards glow with a neon pink. The courts are the same style as the previous two Starlights with shooting stars in the background.

The numbered cards show the same pink glow against a jet black backdrop. These cards really pop!


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Customer reviews for Bicycle Starlight Shooting Star Playing Cards

BGG Reviewer

The third deck in the Starlight series is the Starlight Shooting Star deck. In some ways this stellar concept is the reverse of a black hole, because it represents the birth rather than the death of a star. Now the card backs show a star-burst effect, emerging from a black hole surrounded by vibrant and colourful swirls of twilight. The vibrant and colourful design of the card backs really makes the most of fans and spreads.

But this deck even looks beautiful when fanned with the card faces. In the Shooting Star deck the court cards don't feature the stellar white we're used to seeing in a starry sky, but are aglow with an even more lively neon pink. Like the previous deck in the Starlight series (Black Hole), the style of these court cards retains a classic feel, but instead of a silent stellar background unmoving white stars, now the jet-black background is producing shooting stars.

In many ways the overall feel of the Shooting Star deck is similar in style to the Black Hole deck, but vibrant pinks and purples are even more dominant. So if the previous deck wasn't quite psychedelic enough for you, perhaps this one will be! Once again, fans and spreads do a good job of displaying this energy and vibrance.

The numbered cards have the same combination of colours as the court cards, although the pink glow is even more emphatic and evident against the inky black darkness. In contrast to the pink pips used for the traditionally red suits, the traditionally black suits feature purple pips for the indices. Unlike the previous deck, this time there are two different coloured Jokers, one in purple, the other in pink.

Those who can't get enough of the colours of the night sky will be pleased to know that the Shooting Star deck doesn't mark the end of the Starlight series. Following the first three decks came a fourth deck, Starlight Lunar, and a Solar deck was produced as well. - BoardGameGeek reviewer Enders Game