Bicycle Strigiformes Owl Playing Cards

Deck of cards by WillRoya&Co
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Bicycle Strigiformes Owl Playing Cards

9.99 usd

Deck of cards by WillRoya&Co ($9.99)

In stock. Order in the next 16 hours, 1 minute and it will go out today!
Bicycle Strigiformes Owl Playing Cards - magic

For centuries, owls have been revered for their grace, power, and beauty. Alternately a symbol of wisdom or a harbinger of death, these creatures mean many things to many different cultures. Now you can hold all the allure these avians have to offer in your hands, in Strigiformes: A Deck of Owls. Each card is hand illustrated, with fully custom courts, pips, Jokers, Aces, and a custom back. Seventeen owl species have been carefully selected for each suit, from the amusing burrowing owl to the regal Eurasian eagle owl.

Tarot, royal and nature symbolism is used throughout the deck. Small indexes and medium borders make for great-looking fans. This deck is a perfect addition to your collection, next game, magic trick or cardistry routine.

Species List:

Hearts: Tytonidae

  • Ace: Australian Masked Owl
  • King: Barn Owl
  • Queen: Oriental Bay Owl
  • Jack: Lesser Sooty Owl
Clubs: Strigidae - Strix
  • Ace: Barred Owl
  • King: Great Grey Owl
  • Queen: Ural Owl
  • Jack: Spotted Owl
Diamonds: Strigidae - Megascops, Otus & Ptilopsis
  • Ace: Eastern Screech Owl
  • King: Giant Scops Owl
  • Queen: White-fronted Scops Owl
  • Jack: Northern White-faced Owl
Spades: Strigidae - Bubo
  • Ace: Blakiston's Fish Owl
  • King: Eurasian Eagle Owl
  • Queen: Snowy Owl
  • Jack: Great Horned Owl
Jokers: Strigidae - Athene
  • Burrowing Owl
  • Made in USA by USPCC
  • Classic stock
  • Air-Cushion finish
  • Poker size
  • 52 cards + 2 Jokers
  • Extra Joker with reveal
  • 21 of Spades gaff card
  • Two-way back design
  • Custom numbered tuck seal
  • 100% custom original art
  • Designed by Renee LeCompte
  • Produced by Will Roya
  • Limited edition of 2,500
  • Over half the decks pre-sold before printing
  • 2018 release

Designed by: Renee LeCompte
Limited to: 2500
Card stock: Regular
Card finish: Air Cushoned
Printed by: USPCC
Box seal: Yes
Custom faces: Yes

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Customer reviews for Bicycle Strigiformes Owl Playing Cards

BGG Reviewer

Summary: Absolutely stunning deck full of owls!

Wow, is this ever an amazing deck! The artwork has just the right colour combinations to give a real nocturnal feel, with dark colours. The artwork is incredible, especially on the court cards, each of which has different owls. But the number cards are great too, with highly customized pips, and intricate and ornate detail, and ornate versions of the suits on both left and right borders. Looks even better in real life than in pictures. And with USPCC printing, it also handles well like a Bicycle deck.

Highly recommended for people who love custom decks! - BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame