Cardistry Fanning Playing Cards

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Deck of cards by The Bocopo Playing Card Company ($15.00)

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Cardistry Fanning Playing Cards - magic

Cardistry Fanning Playing Cards is one of the most outstanding playing cards from Bocopo Playing Card Company. Just as its name implies, this deck it can be used to enhance the wonder of card tricks -- especially while fanning. It is also a functional deck of playing cards.

About the design:

The design appears to be simple, yet has deep implications. Each back has a special six-pointed star comprised of lines. Every star is composed of white, blue, and gray to add strong visuals when you are fanning.

The highlight of the design is that different fanning directions will have different visual results (e.g., blue and white arrows in one hand, gray and black arrows in the other). This is just like in life -- a tiny choice will affect different directions that our lives will take. We believe that owning and using this deck will be a wise choice in your life!

Your shows will be visually stunning and will have more impact than using only a regular deck of cards. Powerful in its simplicity and unparalleled in its design, Cardistry Fanning Playing Cards open an essential key to unlocking your higher level of cardistry.

Cardistry Fanning Playing Cards utilizes new features while maintaining its integrity. Classic with a modern twist. The custom pips on this deck make fanning and flourishing even more incredible to view.


- Custom design for Fanning and Cardistry
- Unique geometric and bracing color tuck case design
- Printed by The United States Playing Card Company
- Bicycle Stock and AIR-Cushion Finish
- Limited only 5000 decks -- no reprint


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Customer reviews for Cardistry Fanning Playing Cards

BGG Reviewer

Summary: Ideal deck for card flourishing

This is one of several decks designed just for card flourishing by the Bocopo Playing Card Company.

The tuck box shows what the design of the cards is like, with coloured corners and a central star shaped design, complete with a circle in the centre. On the inside of the tuck flap are the words “Welcome To Cardistry Way”, which is a warm invitation to join the world of card flourishing.

The back design of the cards has different coloured triangles on all four corners, which allows for beautiful fanning patterns depending on which way you fan the deck, as the different choices you make in fanning the cards produces different results - just like all choices in life.

While this deck is ideal for fanning and spreads, those are not the only card flourishes that this deck is good for. The back design also features a star-like design with a circle in the centre. This creates a clear point of focus on the cards, and allows for great effects when the cards are spun or twirled. As a result of these added graphical elements, these cards also look great when doing cuts.

The faces of the cards have no indices, instead having the triangles in the corners in the same way as the back design. This is a deliberate design choice, because it means that when fanning with the faces of the cards, it will generate great visual patterns with the same repeating design showing.

On the centre of the cards is a large pip corresponding to the card's suit, along with the value. This means that the different suits and values from a standard deck are still present. But their large size makes cuts look interesting due to the unity and similarity between the cards. Each card also has a circle in the centre of the faces, creating a focus point for cardistry moves.

This deck has been printed by USPCC, and the cards handle great, like all Bicycle style decks. They fan and spread well, which is especially important for a deck that is geared towards cardistry.

This is a terrific deck for all those who are interested in cardistry, whether new or experienced, because the cards automatically help bring your card flourishes to new levels of aesthetics. - BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame