Squeezers Bulldog Playing Cards (Blue)

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Squeezers Bulldog Playing Cards (Blue) - magic

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Alfred Rivera

These are very interesting cards. The back design is very unique. I have received many compliments from friends who have seen this deck. One issue I have, is the stock being a little too thin for my use. However I still do enjoy this deck very much and I am getting somewhat used to the mild flimsy nature of the card stock. When working a card from the middle of the deck to the bottom or top, due to the thin cardstock I have to modify the pressure and maneuvering of the card in order to limit the sound of movement. I showed the cards to a friend of mine, and she became somewhat emotional due to the powerful imagery of the card backs. Also the cards are at a disadvantage for bottom dealing since they run in a specific direction. In other words in a shuffled deck, some backs face one direction and others another direction. But overall I can still work with these cards and they are very hard to beat when it comes to such a powerful image on their backs.