GAIA Playing Cards - Limited Moonlight Edition

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Deck of cards by Forge Arts ($14.00)

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GAIA Playing Cards - Limited Moonlight Edition - magic

Gaia - that view that Earth can be viewed as a single living system of a multitude of components. Animals and environment interact and shape each other. Gaia Playing Cards embody these themes in their design. 

Printed by the USPCC, these 100% custom cards feature members of the Gaia biome on the faces, from forest, desert and tundra, and the card backs take inspiration from the micro-biome. The cards have an embossed finish and are housed in a 360 degree panoramic embossed tuck case.

In the Moonlight Edition, nighttime has set upon GAIA, casting a comforting moonlight glow across the landscape. There's a revised tuck featuring a dazzling nighttime sky with embossed elements. The card backs for the Moonlight Edition have been specially re-colored and cast in shades of blue in this limited version. The Aces have been updated with some subtle and fitting changes, and 2 new Jokers make an appearance in this special edition of the GAIA deck.

Pay tribute to the glory of the natural world and pick up your decks today!

Designed by: Ben Sinclair
Limited to: 2500
Card stock: Regular
Printed by: USPCC
Box seal: Yes
Custom faces: Yes
Card finish: Premium, embossed card finis

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