Gorilla Deck Playing Cards

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Gorilla Deck Playing Cards - magic

Whether you were a fan of Harambe or just admire the great ape, you'll probably enjoy this deck of playing cards.

Printed by the USPCC, the backs are decorated with gorillas riding bicycles, and the court cards and Ace of Spades and Joker are custom, also depicting gorillas.

Not many decks are left in the wild, so get your deck today before it's too late!


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Customer reviews for Gorilla Deck Playing Cards

BGG Reviewer

SUMMARY: Hilarious and clever parody of the Bicycle Rider back deck

Anyone with a mild sense of humour who is familiar with the classic Bicycle Riderback design, and enjoys the idea of a spoof, will love the Gorilla deck.

Harambe is a famous Western lowland gorilla whose home was in the Cincinnati Zoo, until he needed to be put down at the age of 17 to protect a the life of a toddler who climbed into his enclosure. With clever and humorous artwork by David Edgerly, the Gorilla deck is in part a homage to Harambe, and also adds a tongue-in-cheek splash of fun to the classic Bicycle rider-back deck.

The fun starts with the card-backs, where winged angelic beings on bicycles have been replaced by an overweight gorilla on a tricycle. The Ace of Spades also makes a clear statement of humorous intent, with an amusing gorilla face, and the requisite accompaniment of bananas. The court cards show gorillas in a variety of states of agitation and aggression, and even confusion and bewilderment! The gorillas for each suit are also unified by a similar colour scheme, i.e. all the club court cards have blue gorillas, while the diamonds have pink gorillas. As for the number cards, these are given character by a water-mark style background image featuring our gorilla friends with a variety of facial expressions. Even the Joker gets in on the action by hopping on a tricycle.

The one-way nature of the number cards and the very prominent watermark can get somewhat in the way of functionality, depending on what game you're playing. But we just loved this deck for its humor value, and it's one of the best spoofs of a classic Bicycle deck I've ever seen. It's definitely a great parody, and a wonderful item that will make people smile.

- BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame