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Mantecore Playing Cards

12.00 usd

Deck of cards by Edo Huang ($12.00)

Possibly discontinued.
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Mantecore Playing Cards - magic

Mantecore playing cards are designed for the modern generation. This deck sports an original and striking back design with custom aces, pips and court cards. Named as a tribute to Siegfried and Roy's famous tiger. A portion of the funds collected during its Indiegogo campaign was donated to Panthera's Save the Tigers Fund.

The concept is by Benjamin Loo and designed by Edo Huang. The Mantecore's back design features an intricate pattern inspired by one of the most classic back designs of all-time, the Rider Backs. Every part of the design for the back of the cards has been carefully thought through. From how it looks in a fan, to when it is spread vertically and horizontally, as well as when it is spun on one finger. There are even areas for magicians to "work their magic".

The faces have custom pips (Spades, Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds) that have a fresh new look but are easily recognizable. All 4 aces have a tiger interacting with the pip in the middle. The court cards have been simplified and enlarged, taking inspiration from two of their favorite decks Smoke and Mirrors, and Magic Con 2012 by Dan and Dave. The simplified court cards have their faces tweaked to look younger and the borders that restrict the royals have also been removed. The color of their clothing has been tweaked to match the color scheme of the deck as well.

  • Limited to 2000 diamond finish decks 
  • Printed to specifications by Legends Playing Card Company in Taiwan 
  • Double backed gaff included 
  • Joker with card reveal

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Customer reviews for Mantecore Playing Cards

BGG Reviewer

SUMMARY: Rare Playing Cards with a Rare White Lion

Mantecore is the name of a something rare indeed - a famous white tiger. Animals have always had a close connection with magic, but it takes a brave magician to include the big cats like lions and tigers as part of their routine. This deck is a tribute to the famous Las Vegas magician duo Siegfried and Roy, whose iconic white tiger named Mantecore was one of the big drawcards in their popular act, until the time he nearly killed Roy in a live performance in 2003.

The mention of "Save the Tigers" on the tuck box alludes to the dwindling number of tigers as a result of poaching. Part of the profits from the making of this deck went in support of Panthera's "Save the Tiger Fund".

The card-backs of this deck feature Mantecore's face against the background of his stripes, and the overall design shape is inspired somewhat by the classical Bicycle rider-back. But of course instead of bicycles, these cards feature the beloved tiger Mantecore, who is also prowling around the Ace of Spades. In fact Mantecore has a position of honour and prominence on all the Aces! The Joker is another opportunity to showcase the hero of this deck, while the second Joker has a card reveal that magicians will be able to use. Meanwhile the court cards have been simplified and enlarged from the classic set, and the result is a younger look, and colour scheme that matches the rest of the deck. The pips in this deck are also custom, although they don't differ drastically from a traditional deck.

The quality of the cards themselves are terrific, because this deck was produced by Legends Playing Card Company, in both their Diamond and their Emerald finishes, which are extremely durable, even more so than USPCC produced decks. The design is by graphic designer Edo Huang from Indonesia, who also produced the Nautical deck, and Benjamin Loo from Singapore also contributed to the production.

- BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame