Peafowl Deck (Black)

14.95 usd

Deck of cards by Aloy Studios ($14.95)

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Peafowl Deck (Black) - magic

This is a brand-new design which comes from aloys design studio. 100% custom and original art in all 56 Cards.

Themed on a peacock, this design aims at showing a peacock's beauty while it spreads its tail, and the pattern is shown on our new deck.

The match colors are blue-green and golden of a peacock's feather. So beautiful.

This deck is printed by USPCC.

* High Quality Stock
* Special Commemorative Edition
* Made in USA.
* Premium paper printing tuck case inside and outside.
* 100% custom and original art in all 56 Cards

Gold metal ink on tuck face, and back. Printed metallic color on the inside and outside of the tuck case.

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