Tally-Ho Gaff Deck

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Deck of cards by New York Magic Project ($15.00)

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Tally-Ho Gaff Deck - magic

The Tally-Ho Gaff Assortment contains a variety of useful and diabolical gaffed cards in classic Tally-Ho designs. The deck contains red and blue Fan Back and Circle Back cards.

This deck includes double backed cards in red/red, blue/blue, red/blue, and more. There are double backers with horizontal, vertical, and diagonal color splits, as well as a mix of double backers with a Tally-Ho back on one side and a Bicycle back on the other. There are even blank-faced Tally-Ho cards which can be customized with your own writing. The possibilities are endless!

  • Printed by USPCC 
  • Circle Back & Fan Back Tally-Ho Designs 
  • Red and Blue Cards 
  • Split-Color Double Backers 
  • Tally Ho/Bicycle Double Backers 
  • Blank Face Cards
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Customer reviews for Tally-Ho Gaff Deck

Michael Sentelle

Nice deck if you use Tally-Ho cards. Pack contains several blank facers for fan and circle backs of each color, and multiple cards that would allow for a "Colorburn" deck change, or to change a fan-back deck to a circle-back.
I was disappointed - the card I specifically bought the deck for and expected to find isn't in there. A card that is simply a red back/blue back of the same deck. I really want three or four of these to do Michael Close's "Pink Floyd" and they are very much absent.
If you need that card, don't bother. Otherwise a very fine gaff deck that is consistent with the quality of a genuine Tally-Ho pack.