Tally-Ho Masterclass Playing Cards

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Deck of cards by Gamblers Warehouse ($14.95)

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Tally-Ho Masterclass Playing Cards - magic

Crafting something new without keeping the essence of the original takes time, care and an artist's touch. But we proudly announce the results: Tally-Ho Masterclass.

The design is unique but familiar; classic but new at the same time. Gamblers Warehouse, working with Pablo from 4pm Designs, is proud to present the beginning of our Masterclass series, to bring a new flair to the already elegant Tally-Ho brand, by embracing minor elements from the original Tally-Ho designs and elevating an already sublime design and that of playing cards.

Deck Features:

- 56 fully custom playing cards
- Matte finish tuck box
- Silver foil printing on box
- Silver foil stamp seal
- 2 Jokers
- 2 Gaff cards
- Chrome Black Edition Limited to 2500 decks

Limited to: 2500
Printed by: USPCC
Box seal: Yes
Custom faces: Yes
Includes a blank facer: Yes
Includes a double-backer: Yes
Includes matching jokers: No

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