The Dapper Deck

Deck of cards by Vanishing Inc. Magic ($8.00)

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Our Dapper Decks are now finally available for purchase. Our Kickstarter campaign was successfully overfunded, these decks were designed for WORKING MAGICIANS. They are gorgeous and subtle, and appropriate for formal performances. Many decks are designed to be kept in the plastic, collected, and displayed. This deck was designed to be used.

Available in two colors, navy blue or orange, the two match perfectly and work well in tandem for color changes or two-deck effects.

Each deck is $8. But buy 10 decks or more and the price drops to just $6.50 per deck (£4.50 for our UK customers).

BIG SECRET: We never announced this before, but word has spread among Dapper Deck users, so we'll share it here. We built in a very cool, direct, easy-to-use marking system into the Dapper Deck. This elevates the deck to an extremely practical tool for professionals.

Add the decks to your cart to choose from navy or orange.

Dapper Deck Deluxe

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Customer reviews for The Dapper Deck

Mark Zust

Beautiful card design, gents! I assume this is Andi's handiwork? As a pseudo-fashionista, I'm a big fan of paisleys, so how could I not love these?! My order is in! I must ask the obvious question: after going through all the work to develop these gorgeous backs, how could they NOT be marked? In any event, excellent work, guys.


Mark Zust

Even though I wrote an earlier review BEFORE I received your new Dapper Decks, I feel compelled to let you and your customers know what an EXQUISITE deck this truly is! The backs are elegant, as are the court cards and aces. The built-in marking system is not only devious, but the read is super fast and easy. No counting or searching - just glance at the back and you've got it. Also, the card stock is firm but pliable, the cut feels great in the hand, and the finish is silky smooth. I tell you all this because I am NOT a card guy, but I am a pro and I LOVE these cards! I can't wait until you create a gaffed deck of various cards to match. As always, you guys set the standard. Thank you and keep up the fine work. Cheers.


Ken Robshaw

This is a brilliant deck of cards and have just become my favourites!


Josh Tolpa

Beautiful art, super-thin borders, lovingly-recolored classic royalty, bulletproof stock—a great workers' deck, especially if you like your cards stiff.


Derek Yoder

Defintely in top my Top 3 decks --
- Gorgeous design
- Smooth handling and perfect thickness
- Simple and fast marking system
- A workers deck with the right amount of style infused with standard courts and pips


Mike Faur

Unlike Mark here, I AM a card guy. I collect cards—but I'm picky. I don't just grab every Tom, Deck, or Hoyle that comes out. I'm on the lookout for panache, uniqueness, and of course, quality. I also handle all my cards; they don't just go in a case or on a stand. Therefore, when I say that these are, by far the highest quality cards I've ever held in my hand, I'm not just building hype or trying to score points with Andi & Josh. "Exquisite" is not a term I throw around easily, but that is the best term to describe them. I'm getting one, maybe two bricks of these as soon as possible. Thanks Vanishing Inc. for your impeccable taste and commitment to real quality.