The Dapper Deck (USPCC Edition)

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The Dapper Deck (USPCC Edition) - magic
The Dapper Deck (USPCC Edition) The Dapper Deck (USPCC Edition) The Dapper Deck (USPCC Edition) The Dapper Deck (USPCC Edition) The Dapper Deck (USPCC Edition) The Dapper Deck (USPCC Edition) The Dapper Deck (USPCC Edition)

The Dapper Deck was an instant hit, and a sellout, when it was released in 2012. We are bringing this seminal design back, and now it's better than ever.

  • We have moved to USPCC for a softer, smoother, crushed-stock finish
  • The cards have the same gorgeous design and die-cut box, which was a first at the time it was printed.
  • A brand new custom seal never featured on any Vanishing Inc. deck
  • A new print pattern on the inside of the tuck case

We are also offering free brick case to anyone who orders 12 or more decks of cards.

There are cards you collect to display, and cards meant for USE by professional magicians. The Dapper Deck is meant to be used and enjoyed, best paired with a slim-fitting suit and a debonair performing style.

Card stock: Regular
Card finish: Air Cushioned
Printed by: USPCC
Box seal: Yes
Custom faces: Yes
Includes a blank facer: Yes
Includes a double-backer: Yes
Includes matching jokers: Yes


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Customer reviews for The Dapper Deck (USPCC Edition)


Beautiful card design, gents! I assume this is Andi's handiwork? As a pseudo-fashionista, I'm a big fan of paisleys, so how could I not love these?! My order is in! I must ask the obvious question: after going through all the work to develop these gorgeous backs, how could they NOT be marked? In any event, excellent work, guys.



Even though I wrote an earlier review BEFORE I received your new Dapper Decks, I feel compelled to let you and your customers know what an EXQUISITE deck this truly is! The backs are elegant, as are the court cards and aces. The built-in marking system is not only devious, but the read is super fast and easy. No counting or searching - just glance at the back and you've got it. Also, the card stock is firm but pliable, the cut feels great in the hand, and the finish is silky smooth. I tell you all this because I am NOT a card guy, but I am a pro and I LOVE these cards! I can't wait until you create a gaffed deck of various cards to match. As always, you guys set the standard. Thank you and keep up the fine work. Cheers.



Very nice deck with pretty backs. Some cards (as well as the AoS) have patterned pips, which is a nice touch. The marking system is quite brave but that doesn't mean that people are any more likely to notice it.



This is a brilliant deck of cards and have just become my favourites!



Beautiful art, super-thin borders, lovingly-recolored classic royalty, bulletproof stock—a great workers' deck, especially if you like your cards stiff.



Defintely in top my Top 3 decks --
- Gorgeous design
- Smooth handling and perfect thickness
- Simple and fast marking system
- A workers deck with the right amount of style infused with standard courts and pips



Unlike Mark here, I AM a card guy. I collect cards—but I'm picky. I don't just grab every Tom, Deck, or Hoyle that comes out. I'm on the lookout for panache, uniqueness, and of course, quality. I also handle all my cards; they don't just go in a case or on a stand. Therefore, when I say that these are, by far the highest quality cards I've ever held in my hand, I'm not just building hype or trying to score points with Andi & Josh. "Exquisite" is not a term I throw around easily, but that is the best term to describe them. I'm getting one, maybe two bricks of these as soon as possible. Thanks Vanishing Inc. for your impeccable taste and commitment to real quality.



I am a card guy and I gotta say:
-Love the back design
-Love the stock
-Love the faces
-Love the tuck case
-Love.... well, I LOVE EVERYTHING
The marking system is so discreet but obvious at the same it even fooled me, a card magician with 8 years of experience. I had to CALL them (Vanishing Inc) to know how to read them (By the way, Tim was super helpful and comprehensive). Excellent deck, buying a brick ASAP



Just got mine. Everything is perfect, except I couldn't find any markings. I went to the movies and all. Not a hint. Until I finally found it. So simple and yet so invisible. Great work!



This is an excellent product. I have many special decks and this one feels right, has easy to use marks and is very attractive. The Dapper Deck is a must for every magi.



The back design on these is lovely; a very classy look that extends to the subtly recoloured courts and occasional paisley pips. The marking system was surprising; it's shockingly simple and, well, artless, but the back design is busy enough that if you're not looking for it, you probably won't see it. Love getting a double-backer and a blank with the deck, gives plenty of options.



These are beautiful and they handle so nicely. Really pleased with these in every way - I'll be ordering more!