Truth Playing Cards - I Never Believe Me

Deck of cards by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc.
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Truth Playing Cards - I Never Believe Me

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Deck of cards by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. ($8.00)

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Truth Playing Cards - I Never Believe Me - magic

"A lie told often enough becomes the truth."

Truth and Lies Playing Cards depict the dual nature of deceit and honor. They are two sides of the same coin, both deeply entwined in every magic trick. We parade our lies as a distraction for the spectators, while often the truth lies in plain sight, ignored and unobserved.

Art directed and conceived by Jason Brumbalow and masterfully illustrated by Bobby Haiqalsyah and Lance Miller, Truth and Lies Playing Cards were engineered to remind us of the Lies we share, the Truths we ignore, and the duality of both. These playing cards balance between two forces and combine them into a collectible set where one design blends into the next.

You'll be pleased to know there are three different versions of Truth decks (each tuck case with a different embossed phrase), as well ass three Lies decks (again, each tuck case with a different embossed phrase). But these phrases illustrate that the difference between truth and lies may not be as different as you'd think! Wait for the fascinated looks you get with these decks.

Sometimes the truth is just the lie we tell ourselves, but sometimes true magic can be found in the lies we tell others. Murphy's Magic is proud to present Truth and Lies Playing Cards.

Truth and Lies Decks Sold Separately

Box seal: No
Custom faces: Yes
Includes a blank facer: Yes
Includes a double-backer: Yes
Includes matching jokers: Yes

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Customer reviews for Truth Playing Cards - I Never Believe Me

BoardGameGeek Reviewer EndersGame

TRUTH deck - ideal collector's piece for magicians: magic is about the illusion of truth & lies!

This deck is part of a larger collection of six decks released by Murphy's Magic, entitled Truth and Lies Playing Cards.

CONCEPT: These playing cards are made to represent the dual nature of deception and honesty, as is evident already from the names. Magicians especially will appreciate the importance of the old adage "A lie told often enough becomes the truth." Deception is at the heart of magic, because it is what illusion is all about. In magic, we need to create a narrative so that what did not actually happen looks very much like it did. The truth and lies decks explore this duality that is inherit to magic. In the words of the publisher: "Truth and Lies Playing Cards represents the dual nature of deception and honesty. They are two sides of the same coin, both interwoven deeply within every magic trick. A parade of ornate lies are what spectators are driven to see, while the bare and unembellished truth is ignored and often hidden in plain sight." Designed by Bobby Haiqalsyah and Lance Miller, with the idea from Jason Brumbalow, each of the six decks has a different phrase related to this theme in beautiful blind embossing on the tuck case. Aside from this external difference, the cards themselves within the three Lies decks are identical, and those in the Truth decks also match each other, while the Lies and Truth decks are quite different from one another.

TUCK CASE: Each box features the name of the deck (Truth or Lies) on the front of the tuck case, and is in different colour schemes for each deck, the Truth being mainly a dark navy blue and the Lies deck a white and elegant gold. These colour schemes fit with the back designs of each deck. The two back designs are the same style and artwork, featuring a bordered design with some intricate diamonds and designs, but the Lies deck has a white back design with gold coloured design, while the Truth deck is a black back with light blue shapes. The tuck cases are exquisitely designed, the intricate designs creating appealing boxes that look wonderful as a partnership, because they have been designed to pair together perfectly when placed next to each other, with the two circles entwining from one box to another, as can be seen partially below. They also side-loading tuck cases, which means that they open from the side rather than the top.

TRUTH DECK: The Truth deck has a pale blue theme, and the different phrases on the Truth tuck cases are:
- I Never Believe Me
- Lies Are Convenient
- Lies Require Commitment
This embossing really looks stunning, and the text highlights something about the nature of magic. To quote the publisher: "The embossed phrase illustrates that the distinction between truth and lies may not be as clear-cut as you'd think! ... Sometimes the truth is just the lie we tell ourselves, but sometimes true magic can be found in the lies we tell others."

CARDS: The card backs use similar colours to the tuck box, and look very stylish when cutting and shuffling the cards. The faces of the cards are basically identical to those of the Lies deck, with only a few differences, mainly in the colours. In the case of the court cards, the Truth deck adds some pale blue to the colour palette, which complements the back design. Another difference is with the colour of the pips used for traditionally red suits. Unlike the Lies deck, in the Truth deck these are pale blue instead of gold, again to fit with the back design. What is somewhat unusual from normal is that all the pips are facing the same way - I'm not convinced this was the best design choice. But the whorls and shape of the pips especially looks great when doing twirls and spins with the cards. The custom Ace of Spades in the Truth deck is composed of all phrases about Truth, while the Truth joker is made up of the word "Truth" and a phrase below it says "There is no beauty in truth".

HANDLING: The quality of this deck is slightly disappointing unfortunately. The tuck boxes are wonderful - certainly no issues there. But the card quality isn’t as high as some other decks, and they just don't handle as smoothly. Based on my personal experience with a lot of decks of cards, it is my educated guess that these cards have been printed by Noir Arts (NPCC). While NPCC does print decent quality cards, it doesn't quite match the high quality of USPCC, LPCC or EPCC. These cards are very snappy, have a very smooth edge, possibly from being laser cut, and but they don’t always fan the most evenly, although some of the Noir Arts decks do perform better than others. It isn’t that these decks aren’t worth using, but just don’t expect something too high performance.

SUITABILITY: Even so these cards are great for collectors due to their brilliant design of the cards and tuck case, and they are truly great to look at and enjoy. They are especially usable for games due to their design, and some might find them suitable for card magic, but due to their quality their handling is not quite up to the high standards demanded by card flourishing or magic. Despite this, they are still great decks that can especially be enjoyed for playing card games, for a place of honour in a playing card collection or on a magician's shelf.

RECOMMENDATION: While the handling of these cards isn't quite consistent enough to live up to the exacting standards demanded for use in card flourishing or card magic, magicians will appreciate the thematic idea that these decks represent about the nature of illusion, and they will make a great collector's piece side-by-side on a shelf in the home of a magician. They're also very stylish, and are of a much higher quality than your standard department store deck of cards, so they'll be more than adequate for playing a game of poker or cards as well.

- BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame