Visa Red Playing Cards

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Deck of cards by Patrick Kun and Alex Pandrea ($10.00)

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Visa Red Playing Cards - magic

VISA Playing Cards are the creation of Patrick Kun and Alex Pandrea. Enter the world of travel, adventure, and discovery.

  • High quality tuck case printed with USPCC
  • Custom elegant back design printed with metallic silver printed with USPCC crush paper stock
  • Simplified stand court cards with metallic ink accents along with custom Ace of Spades and Jokers

Card stock: Crushed
Printed by: USPCC
Box seal: No
Custom faces: No
Includes matching jokers: Yes

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Customer reviews for Visa Red Playing Cards

BoardGameGeek Reviewer EndersGame

These decks are about escaping, discovering, and journeying - the word "visa" evoking trips to foreign places. But you can retain a luxury look even when you're on a journey. The tuck boxes are classy, with striking colour combinations: red/gold for the Red Edition, and blue/silver for the Blue Edition. The combination of red/gold is stunning, with intricate gold producing a pattern that brings to mind flowers, waves, or perhaps clouds. The deck title is presented in a banner, the A of VISA stylishly mirroring the letter V.

The card backs use the same pattern from the tuck box, while two circles give a focal point of interest, the words "Escape, Discover, Journey" around each. Finished off with a solid border, it makes for a very classy look. The artwork on the faces is a standard design, but intead of the garish red, yellow and blue usually seen on court cards, there's a more regal red and deeper blue, with a wealth of metallic gold. This metallic gold looks super classy, and I can't say enough about how stylish and elegant it makes the look, which fits well with the card backs. Minimalist Jokers both feature the V icon from the VISA title, and two extra cards are included for magicians. Produced by USPC, the cards also handle fantastic.

These decks are extremely practical, and are especially a great choice for magicians, given how true they stay to the traditional design, while adding a touch of class at the same time, especially with the regal look of the court cards. - BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame