Zoom-In Deck

9.95 usd

Deck of cards by JL Magic ($9.95)

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Zoom-In Deck - magic

The fourth deck of cards from JLmagic.

If you are a stage magician you are going to love these cards.

Unlike a normal deck of cards, Zoom-In Deck has a blown-up index that can be used for close-up magic performed on stage. The blown-up number and pattern helps the audience recognize the card quickly so your performance will go on smoothly.


  • Normal 52 deck 
  • 2 Joker 
  • 1 double back
  • 1 double face

Designed by: Daria EJ
Card stock: Regular
Card finish: Air Cushioned
Printed by: USPCC
Box seal: Yes
Custom faces: Yes
Includes a blank facer: No
Includes matching jokers: No
Includes a double-backer: One double back & one double Face

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