Bubble Gum Coils

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Possibly discontinued.
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Bubble Gum Coils - magic

Challenge a couple of kids to a "bubble gum pulling contest".
Hand each kid a wrapped piece of gum. The one who stretches their gum the farthest is the winner.

The kids may get their gum to stretch a couple of feet...but your gum stretches up to twenty feet! The kids go wild with laughter!

Safe...no mess...disposable!

"The sight...is very funny." Michael Close
- MAGIC Magazine

Includes 12 coils and instruction sheet.


Customer reviews for Bubble Gum Coils

Neil Woodward

It's like a mouth coil but looks like you're stetting bubble gum over and over and over! I was worried at first that it would just look like paper but boy does this look really great!