Photoshop - Haunted Key Add On

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Trick by Will Tsai ($9.95)

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Photoshop - Haunted Key Add On - magic

A photo of an antique lock is displayed; it is then placed between a spectator's hands. An old key is also shown and inspected, and then it is placed openly on the magician's palm.

With some moment of silence, the key SLOWLY starts to turn on the magician's open palm as if by an unseen force.

When the spectator opens their hands, the old lock in the picture is found to be unlocked!

An amazing experience of connecting with the other side...The photo is then given to the spectator to keep as a souvenir.

Includes 18 "Haunted Key" photos and basic instruction sheet.
NOTE: This is a Photoshop add-on, meant to be accompanied with the gimmick supplied by the original Photoshop. For general handling, please refer back to the original Photoshop instructions.

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